Odd prose from student papers


Compiled by Jamal Munshi, Sonoma State University
All rights reserved

the project is acceptable due to our npv calculation is positive.

we would invest in this project since the npv is positive after calculating the discount rate.

you would most likely want to invest with the u.s. due to the npv you receive at the end with the npv.

the stock went up and french frank's gained value.

attached is a graph that shows the united states dollar exchange bid rates for colombia.

as we can see, against the greenback the rate of the colombian peso has dropped. therefore the value of the colombian peso has gone down and the exchange rate has gotten smaller.

currently the colombian peso compared to the usd is 2,347.592 colombian pesos.

the foreign exchange rate regime is tied to the dollar as are most currencies that we will find.

i think that dollarization is a factor in colombia because they are worried about the business that work with colombia.

as we can see, different businesses are being impacted by the effect that the devaluation of their peso.

it was almost four years ago when the bottom dropped out from underneath the korean economy and the crisis that ensued has fully recovered.

according to the exchange rate of the korean won to the united states dollar, in september 1996, the won was trading at 0.001217 usd/won.

constraints imply that the external financing is without constraint.

except for rutherford hayes, who won the presidency, losing the popular vote, have our presidents throughout history truly been our presidents or merely our favorite candidates that the standing government of the respective times have concurred upon?

and as all of us over 8 years of age well know, this bizarre story is not unique, referring to ross perot's third party's capture of 20 percent of the popular votes, but not receiving any electoral votes, in 1992.

this truth is becoming increasingly self-evident as the possibility of an unpopular presidential candidate winning the majority of the electoral votes emerges, thus winning the election.

we equated both future and forward values at equilibrium by equating their spot values.

calculations on the forward rate on a 1-year treasury bond one year from now resulted on a 5.47% interest rate.

given the observant computations, the approproate minimum interest rate on a five-year fixed interest loan offered to credit worthy customers should be a loan without default risk and with an interest rate of 6.6%.

this recommendation is suggested after a careful study of interest rate fluctuations of treasury yields over a thirty-years period and results in computations using liquidity premiums and pure expectation theory.

furthermore, for customers which possess some credit risk, the default risk will increase the interest rate as a compensation for the risk involved in the unfortunate case of default.

to analyze the interest rates, we apply the pure expectation theory that expects short-term interest rates to rise in the future.

in order to determine how much a borrower would qualify for various mortgage loans, a mortgage calculator was used.

this fact allowed for the resulting minimum interest rate for the five-year fixed rate loans to have no default risk.

after fully understanding the nature of our duty in this case, including the resolution we must achieve, and completing our in-depth analysis, we recommended a minimum interest rate for the five-year fixed rate loans that would have no default risk, which would be the treasury rate of the same term in question.

this conclusion allows our bank to make sufficient profits while maintaining an acceptable level of risk to ourselves.

our decision-making criteria rely heavily on a compensation for the costs of making the loan plus profit,

our loan supervisor has specified how much in percentage points we are to charge more than the expected interest rate on the bonds for these loans.

our group's task is basically to determine an accurate estimate for the minimum interest rate for our most credit-worthy of customers.

in order to successfully take on the project we will undertake the responsibility of creating both a micro and a macro hedge, using long and short hedges, hedge ratios, and futues contracts.

our recommendation, therefore, is to extensively, yet effectively, use hedges to manage the inherent risk associated with the market value of the firm being adversely affected rising interest rates.

the problem that we are faced with is that we are trying to find a house.

we did the same for the company that we got from the internet.

this allowed us to analyze our financial situation upon both scenarios to make a clear numerical decision about which scenario allows us to borrow the most money.

we are obviously in a tough situation, however if we must find a house now, then the best way that it is possible is to use 33%pti, using a 30-year mortgage at our bank.

britain is a good place to start because the usa was built to be very similar to the banking system of england.

other larger banks in britain have been acquiring smaller banks making four main banks of britain.

slowly, i am watching my contemporaries drop like flies.

one moment you'll find yourself in schulz, participating in a study group of colleagues, composed of whom you assumed to be your rivaling academic scholars, the next moment, after a slight twist of fate, you'll notice the same herd of intellects slowly meandering towards the pub, if they have the motivation to walk that far.

surely anyone to do such a thing is deftly ill with an acute neurological disorder.

symptoms include: sunburns to the face and corneas caused by extended hours infront of the computer monitor, catching up on sleep lost during that class, an acceptance of poor testing scores, and a fixation with returning home to do nothing.

cheese is served to compliment the featured wines and to make sure no members become intoxicated on an empty stomach.

the bottles are put in to brown bags and labeled with letters, only to be revealed at the very end of the tasting.

since the wine business strategies program has unwritten law that forbids them from conducting any alcohol events on campus, he created the club.

living in an area where the wine industry is prosperous, it's only natural that ssu should have a program that could be the stepping stone to entering the very same industry.

due to thirty-something years of traffic deterioration cypress road was repaired.

while some framers feared a tyranny of the majority, placing power to oppress minorities in the hands of the popular, others feared a tyranny of the minority, placing too much authority in the hands of the american elite, corrupting them with the power allotted their public titles.

however, a central theme to both these fears was a fear of electoral ignorance, a fear of the majority voting unknowledgable of consequences.

however, america has evolved past the 18th century.

although elites were originally considered a priority to popular electoral sentiment, obscure electoral results are now considered a threat to legitimate democracy.

perhaps this election will once and for all lead to the dismantling of the obsolete institution we have so affectionately come to know as the electoral college.

and for the extremists out there, maybe even visiting those same professors that you've been hiding from all this time in their offices, and discuss with them your grade, the class, or even your unwanted apathetic persona.

i trust they would make wonderful men of dating material for any lonely woman here on campus.

for all you people who wish to rebuttal against me, let's get it on.

so the pause button on america is finally lifted off and the play button is pushed again so we can go on with our lives.

short term rates are expected to fall somewhat because the line is move in a straight slope.

long term rates are expected to rise because the line takes an upward slope.

the major advantage of forward contracts include them not being standardized, they can be negotiated between the parties, making them more flexible.

if the yield curve has an increasing slope to an apex and then rapidly falls, investors expect short term interest rates to increase that cause the yield curve to have an increase.

this contract may be thought of as a complex security because it is made up of a collection of buying and selling stocks, annuities and put options.

other people go to college for a better name in academic achievement like stanford or cal.

there is a girl here for any guy who is short, big, tall, or skinny.

at schools like those a pair of beer goggles comes with your acceptance letter, but here you are like a sniper picking one off, one choice after the other.

the need for reserve textbooks in the library is extremely important.

by supplying a copy of each class textbook as a reserve in the library each semester, the students at ssu would have an opportunity to explore and understand just what is being studied outside of the scheduled class time.

this university needs to continue its efforts towards becoming a more student-friendly campus, not just a showcase for the latest innovations in academic technology, community support and corporate ideals.

if you think world problems are bad now, wait ten, twenty or even fifty years from now.

who's to say it's better or worse, but i would rather have my kids breathe clean air, have plenty of food, be healthy and have a good, productive world than not.

i would rather have two healthy children with plenty of opportunity and happiness, than four or five that are not only burdened by each other, but everybody else in the world too.

just to stabilize the population the average couple would have to have 2.2 kids, so two would be a huge difference.

the world appears on the surface to be taking steps forward as far as advancement goes.

the reason why they want to censor music is because they can't relate to it and it is because congress has done very little to help today's youth develop into sound individuals.

artists like elvis, bob dylan, the beatles, hendrix, the doors, the ramones, etc. were all once martyrs by another older generation but, today they have a hall of fame.

it might sound and speak differently, but represents the idea, freedom to speak one's mind.

parents need to explain to their children the difference in reality from entertainment.

if congress wants to censor music, start with the boy bankds because they are so horrible and degrading to all who call themselves male.

the problem facing our consulting group is that we need to decide if our bank should buy a specific financial company.

we compared financial records of that financial company with the industry standard in our coming to a reccommendation.

as a group we analyzed the financial information of the pending acquisition and compared it to the industry standard.

their high amount of real estate loans is slightly scary, however in this time of a strong economy coupled with the great rate of return on these loans, would add to our portfolio immensely.

as a consulting group we analyzed all of the financial data that we were given.

we are close to where the goals are, however we would like to state a couple of areas that we intend to improve on.

in comparison to the other banks in our region we are doing better than them and we are making money.

we have a bank that has been slightly risky, thus sacrificing risk for profit.

we would like to improve our securities as a safety net for large deposit outflow.

finally, as a financial analyst, I think we can improve our firm by decreasing the ROE and inceasing on loans in order to receive more profit.

the advantages to the bank are very beneficial.

our firm earns a return on assets and equity of 15% respectively.

what this says about our managers' ability to leverage return on equity is great.

your company is experiencing a huge amount of debt which is 57%.

because of our analysis we came up with a -2% negative leverage.

although the dollar figures differentiated substantially with the national average, hibernia's performance ratios were similar to the national average.

the cost associated with hedging the risk of the bank is the cost of putting the hedge in place.

the reason we came to this decision was that with futures options you could still profit from them.

return on assets proves european to be the better bank due to the percentage of 1.11% and great eastern of 0.65%.

citibank has also paid a lower dividend to net income that has an impact on investors.

although total assets and liabilities are a major concern for citibank, it's off-balance-sheet derivatives, which involve trading financial assets in order to generate income from loan sales and fees, are also below the average commercial bank.

in comparing off-balance-sheet activities, citibank has a lower leverage ratio at 5.44%.

these ratios mean that citibank is not close to being well capitalized than the average commercial bank.

debt investment securities include the proceeds from sales at $26.498 billion.

for this mini paper, i compared nordstrom, my original stock and also dayton hudson corporation.

some of the long-term debt was sourced in london pounds at a total in u.s. dollars approximately at $900 million dollars.

the abroad percent is made up of angola, south africa, and russia.

a lower debt to equity ratio is good because it reflects its financial leverage.

the profit margin of sysco is 2%, this means that they will have very high volume and very little price.

based on the ratios on wsrn.com, one can see that nike, while the leading contender in the industry, needs to look at some of its ratios to make sure they are at their best in the interest of the company.

for 1998, oracle is approximately at 11.8 where its competitor peoplesoft inc., which is approximately 10.2

in comparing financial ratios for profitability, asset utilization, and capital structure i have chose my firm of ford motor company and compared it to general motors which is in the same automotive industry.

a few ways you can measure profitability are by looking at the profit margin, return on equity, and return on assets.

in 93 700 was the return, but the other years were mostly 20.

the reason private pension plans have grown rapidly in recent years is due to concerns about the viability of social security.

the common bond membership rule is described by only people living in a certain geographic area, or employed in a specific business, or by a particular employer are eligible for membership in a credit union.

financing and hedging payment are related because it depends on when cash is needed now or can wait to hedge and pay.

nike shoes create an empire of shoe market in india.

i recommend to hedge in the money market.

this yields the least dollar cost with the same protection as the forward market, but with less cost.

the cost of remaining uncovered would be 4.687. 120/25.6 found this.

the money market hedge would carry a cost of 4.51. this was come to by taking 4.422(1+4(.8/36)).

this choice is unlimited on the upside.

by increasing the option volatility the option position would be a higher premium.

his profit limit potential is limited to how high the premium increases.

caterpillar inc. is a dedicated company to global expansion.

they are devoted to enter new markets around the world.

the company is constantly creating new machinery.

net sales for the following three months were flat compared to the same quarter of the prior year, on a five percent decline in unit volume, the result coming from negatively impacted economic crisis and currency devaluation in russia.

excluding russia the earnings in the region increased double digits.

wells fargo's line of business is financial services, investments, loans, checkings, savings, and recently added insurance.

basically, they handle all components that drive the internet and beyond.

i was surprised to see that the company has done so poorly this year after overlooking their history.

no one can be sure how the market is going and if someone is going to come out with a new product that could eliminate your product, or severely hinder your profit.

after reviewing the home page i noticed a lot about the firm.

the stock has done well this year it is currently down 31.7%.

the homepage also has a link to the investor sight witch is filled with information.

gm is also very successful with its issuing of dividends. each earning per share has earned $0.50.

my goal with this position is to advancement upon the skills that i learned.

cerent i/s department was very liberal with my instruction.

to elevate some of these job requirements such as spreadsheets i created my own database.

an investor could choose between a non-tax-exempt investment paying 10.51% and a tax-exempt municipal bond paying 6.35% and be indifferent between the two.

since these agency issues are not directly issued by the treasury, we see the differences.

if the price were to raise above 1070, this would mean that the interest rates have decreased.

actually there is a minimal differences in the rate of the ytm. each yield are relative to the market.

the yield curve depicted here from my analysis is slightly upward sloping but at the same time is almost flat.

the yield curve from one week ago reflects that interest rates increased more with the lengthening of the maturing dates than it did four weeks ago.

there could be economic conditions that links to this yield curve.

one could be that if an investor wants to buy but is conservative they could buy a secure bond.

if interest rates drop, bond prices go up so you end up paying more for a coupon rate that is above current interest rates.

the curve has an ascending term structure pattern in which interest rates increase with the lengthening of maturity dates.

since 1996 interest rates have continued to decrease due to strong u.s. economies.

we learned that databases are full of wealthy and rich information.

this project provided our group members with many useful tools and tips for researching and analyzing between different company's financial standing.

comparing financial ratios between different companies can be done in matters of seconds.

once a person familiarizes itself with the database at hand, he/she can gather any type information with regard to the company and the industry with minimal effort.

for example, a person can ascertain information on sales change for a certain number of periods, roe comparisons, growth rate, etc.

one suggested theory that explains the current market performance is the recent activity of the federal reserve.

the djia and s&p500 performs at different percentage rates.

this was the first year that st. patrick's day was publicly celebrated in this country, and it occurred in boston.

in 1928, while the population of santa rosa was only 10,000 people, the santa rosa symphony rose from the ground.

i am not offering this as an excuse, rather as an explanation, but we allowed ourselves to be duped.

knowing this barely makes me feel better about allowing holocaust-denying material in the star.

the relationship between the value derived in equation 3 and the value derived from equation 5 are nearly the same.

the main difference between the two values are because in value weighting, the value is derived from its total market value; whereas the price weighted average is based on its price.

this maybe due to a strong economy and a growing economy.

raising new equity capital would be very helpful which would improve their debt ratio.

for example, when you open up the company information field on the "stock investor 3.0" program, allowing one to see the many different categories which companies can be sorted.

in finding these firms then we manipulated the data to get the average beta of these companies.

in finding the average beta and comparing the average to a single companies' beta the student can gauge how risky the firm is compare to other firm with the same characteristics.

obviously the market is too volatile to make such a claim, during the year that the claim was made, the market crept up and swept away earnings.

the article pointed out that hedging actually inhibits volatility, the same thing it is meant to prohibit.

let the buyer beware or you can't drive a high performance sports car full speed forever without some major malfunctions.

by using enterprise modeling an organization can have a strong idea about how it's application and data requirements will look on paper and their inter-relationship[s.

when determining compensation chevron uses their six major oil competitors for compensation.

error is always a factor in expectations theory in that purely by having expectations variances will create false assumptions.

LTCM planned to buy short on danish bonds and sell long.

the bonds faltered greatly.

it has been found that with the advances in our technology, shifts in the fed's economic policy, and changes in market organization that, subsequently, the yield curve is not near as an effective medium to see into the economic future.

if these rates increase or decrease they can have dramatic effects on our economy by increasing or decreasing it.

by doing this calculation it is the average price.

the future era of banking will be done completely by computers.

the onset of banking was realized in europe during times of unrest.

they let those, who had the facilities, to guard their wealth, usually goldsmiths.

she believes that banks can be more dangerous than it really seems because of the example on foreign universal banks that were involved in some fraud and blunder.

these institutions are merely a place for safe keeping of the extra cash, investing in stocks, and later reinvesting in opportunities that may come up.

throughout their banking history activity both, england and scotland, left their banking systems to flourish on their own.

the economy grew and so did the competitive attitude of banking.

the scottish banks at times faced regulation from the government.

the majority of regulation issues were of either the controlling of note issuance by the banks, due to fears of an economic crisis or concerns of expanding into each other's territories.

in 1810, the scott's created the first savings bank and the rest of scotland soon followed.

both banks (bank of scotland and the royal bank) became bitter rival for a long time each supporting different political group.

the only exception to providing credit to scotland's outlying area residents was by local merchants.

the two rivaling banks viewed this as a threat.

cash credit lending was greatly developed during the 18th century.

the banking system expanded its services to the public and branch locations, and other banks were created.

the bank of scotland was the first bank established in edinburgh, scotland in 1695, and in 1696, a scotsman founded the bank of england.

both of these banks maintained a monopolistic power of the banking industry in scotland.

this company provides the opportunity for buyers to find items for reasonable prices with the comfort of staying at home.

a lot of current banking regulation today stems from concerns founded back in the late 1700's.

congress bestowed a charter on the bank of north america.

the right of a bank to to establish branches within its chartered state was acceptable.

there are two thorns in my side as the day steadily approaches - some weekends, faster than others.

it seems as each student is in this, the home stretch of their education, it happens.

though i'm not fully convinced, i am worried about rent in the future, so school today seems a hazy obligation instead of something i choose to do.

for all you teachers out there, i've been sick; it's not that this is the last-ditch effort to get it all out.

we wouldn't have consciousness-raising events, we wouldn't be a college, if no one was watching.

the registered owner of the vehicle was identified but was unable to be contacted.

in an attempt to stop the vehicle, officer nicks pulled in front of the explorer, however, trying to avoid a collision, he backed up.

as the vehicle proceeded toward officer mefferd, who was blocking the road diagonally, the driver of the vehicle sped up, missing mefferd's patrol car.

however, no arrests were made when the vehicle was found vacated.

they noticed a ford explorer travelling at a high rate of speed.

the police officers were unaware that the night would end in an on-campus high-speed chase that would literally end at the public safety building.

march 18 marked a glorious yet nerve-wracking day, for once again, it was time for the second annual 'woman student leader of the year' award to be given. however, this year, the evening ended with a twist.

the room was packed with twenty one of ssu's brightest and involved women leaders.

this year brought forth two outstanding women who both equally deserved the award.

katharyn crabbe compared leadership to sinning, in terms of omission and commission, highlighting that these two women took an active part in the work process of leadership, as well as the planning part of it.

many of the big companies are planning on producing the new gigabit switching ethernet like, 3com and cabletron.

the gigabit market is projected to produce between 1 billion to 3 billion by the year 2000.

this derivative is used as a hedging instrument for mortgage-backed security funds which has a very versatile contract for different kinds of mortgage funds.

although there seems to be little correlation between cmt instruments and mortgages, a more specific cmt has been created for a more specific purpose.

the paydown is based on the idea when interest rates drop, the incentive to pay more on the principal increases and to refinance mortgages and vice versa.

these instruments help fine tune the investment by providing the investor with a target with a prepayment bet by the use of a cmt indexed amortizing schedule.

people who own these securities run the risk of the mortgage security being converted into fixed or the interest may be raised.

another advantage to using the cmt derivative is not only for hedging the exposure of falling interest rates but it is also a helpful tool for quick trade executions for mortgage servicers.

even though this type of derivative is and can be used to hedge risk, it have experienced slow volume growth.

many investors are using credit derivatives to protect themselves from credit risk including banks.

credit derivatives reduce the risk associated with these accounts with having to sell the instruments.

the corporation uses the derivative to hedge against a loss and it acts as an insurance policy.

if an investor buys the derivative from a reputable counterparty, their risk of bankruptcy is minimal.

as in the case of this article, the issuer is jp morgan who has little default risk.

there are two different business avenues from this international product.

to put this in clearer terms, a trader buys an option and hedges it with the purchase of the underlying bond, a repo would be used to fund the purchase of the bond.

customers are trying to implement interest rate views.

today it is attracting money managers that seek additional yield in search of higher returns.

this article ties into our class in that it is a secondary market that provides the ordinary to the highly skilled investor to seek information and invest directly, without a middle person.

this is a less expensive method of investing for typical investors but after researching the net for information i believe it would be best if the experienced investor were to use this method.

although, the mortgageflex systems' is constantly trying to over come this by making their software easier to follow and more user friendly.

this article relates the problems of information accumulation and completeness by providing this companies solution of utilizing plexus.

of course the risk to the investor is always, not knowing with whom you are dealing with.

mortgageflex systems' is one of the largest providers of windows-based mortgages.

for companies who suffer from low visibility of their securities, this sight has been created in a way to make a market for small-cap firms.

the purpose is to eliminate fees for trading stocks, which could account for a significant amount of the total sale.

this sight is positioned to be attractive to companies with small capitalized assets, and/or illiquid movement, and not the larger firms of the world.

the article i analized is about the spring street brewery and andrew klein.

the computer is stronger than the brokerage today. people spend hours on the internet. they trade online constantly.

he wants to bring something else into trading on the internet.

he wants to provide a company that will use internet technology to execute trades for everyone efficiently and at a discounted commission.

klein's proposed method is to put your trade, along with other trades, into a system that will match the trades together. as a result, you will have trades executed only among the investors.

his idea is to remove the intermediary that sucks money out of the existing institutional computer matching services to get started.

it seems extremely attractive to the individual investor.

the retail customers received off the internet would furnish a huge amount of orders.

if this truly would cut out some of the intermediaries in the i.p.o. process, it would be very worthy.

the olympics are a global monument of time.

the participants on the field, in the stands, and at home watching, become part of a tradition so encompassing that it stretches to all corners of the world and farther back into our collective past than anyone fully comprehends.

the reality of it is not unthinkable.

our sports are not simple pastimes partially designed to ruin everyone else's fun.

following the success of beach volleyball and mountain biking, the sports of the young represents exactly the type of innovation that our current global community needs for a cohesive future.


for those of you who have been ripped off after selling your textbooks back to the bookstore for pennies on the dollar, and see the price of them rise the next semester, your cries have been answered.

one of the frightening misconceptions about the pill is some women don't think they need to use condoms because they are using the pill.

it is better to use spermicidal foam that contains nonoxynal nine in conjunction with condoms.

dipoprivera is a hormone injected into a woman which is released into the body.

there is also what is called the "morning after" pill which is a very high dose of a birth control pill and is used for post coital conception.

the need for a formal standardization of european currencies seems unattainable.

step two allowed for tightened limits of individual currencies to fluctuate.

the ranking system is designed to give the countries that are the least perceived corrupt countries the highest score out of ten and the countries with the lowest scores perceived the most corrupt.

index is not saying one country is more corrupt than another

there is an asymmetric problem with regards to unknown information due to a screening problem.

stockholders must measure the performance of their management team with goals that are relevant for the firm to run profitably for the owners and for the firm in the long run.

much of the blame is due to the action of analysts.

simulation analysis is an attempt to put real world numbers into a scenario to determine the most likely analysis.

problems occur when we differ the scales.

the decision to issue an ipo has several processes that must occur.

the facts of this article seem to indicate contradiction.

i think that this is simply a bogus exercise in an attempt to keep from having to answer a question that has not yet been determined.

although the practice is not illegal it is being questioned ethically.

in the age of the net the goal of these companies is to get big fast.

denmark is the least corrupt country to have relations with.

here is a little peak of craig and i. [photo]

a possible hedge against countertrade risk assumed by an exporter is a properly constructed transaction with an aim at an early or anticipated transfer of counterdelivered assets, like equity stock, from the importer to the western supplier, to compensate for any negative cash flow exposure by the importer.

in some cases imported goods are prohibited.

out of the types of countertrade, barter is rarely used in international trade due to its limited flexibility such as requiring a coincidence of wants and no cash is involved in the transaction.

thinking the u.s.a. would be in the top 10, they are currently at the number 16 spot.

but mexico isn't the big loser in the grand scheme of things, pakistan takes the award for the highest political risk.

in comparison to the two countries' corruption risk, brazil is ranked 36 with a 3.56 score, and argentina is ranked number 42 with a 2.81 score.

it is a reflection of perceived corruption amid 52 countries.

realistically, many other countries are perceived to be more corrupt than the ones listed, but there is insufficient information about the country to rank all of them.

the political implication of this ranking system is that countries can take measures to reform their system of integrity in their business practices.

nevertheless, china is in a better position than malaysia based on the debt ratios.

the political stability in malaysia has encouraged more investors to find the country as an attractive location for manufacturing.

mexico as well as argentina has merely escaped the default situation.

mexico and argentina have reasonable rates concerning their political situation.

argentina, even with reordered foreign and domestic policies, has to cope with corruption. however, it is strongly denied by the government.

it is set in three phases, with the first being set in 1994 with the coordination of monetary policy for the member nations.

countertrade is a term defining variation on bartering internationally.

the smaller, lesser developed countries are the bulk users for systems of countertrade, but not exclusively.

the process can enable countries of weak economies to trade internationally.

by doing so, the hope of the sub-committee was to accept only beneficial transactions for thailand.

levels of countertrade activity will unlikely vary in the near future.

government subsidies to unemployed workers and declining companies, teamed with significant language barriers are causes for the labor mobility factor.

due to problems with admitting nations, the goal has been pushed back and is currently set for either 1999.

the decision to create one currency came in 1969, with the objective set for 1980.

it was an overview of what the emu is, what some positive effects are, what some negative effects are, and other comments.

independent countries will not be able to influence their own inflation rates within a monetary union.

in italy there was a 2.07 variance and .59 in austria.

this suggests that part of the country or certain people may have ranked italy high and others low.

this mostly shows that there is a greater difference of opinion about italy than in austria.

italy and austria are trying to enter the emu and thus having to satisfy the maastricht criteria.

although we have been using these examples to explain last years decline in the rankings, we want to make it absolutely clear that austria has a much higher country risk and corruption ranking than italy.

these surveys were basically opinions on the degree to which countries allow business due to unreasonable political practices.

the example cited involved an analyst who was giving information about a merger that he thought was going to happen to clients.

this merger happened; however, three years later.

his clients were given information that would have effected the stock's price and could not be based upon past performance, and there was no published information on the impending merger.

they were also looking for information about the two firms to merge; which would aid in their portfolio diversification.

it is particularly valuable in markets where there is shortage of foreign exchange like africa or where there is difficulty in obtaining export credits like bolivia.

only $4 billion of iraq's oil revenue is allowed by the united nations to be used for its basic commodity imports such as food and medicine.

the philippines is targeting the much needed 20 to 30 percent of the semi-annual iraqi oil export allowable by the united nations.

it is also suppose to be a simply program to use due to the smart guides that are similar to a wizard-like support for the first time user.

looking at informix, i was less impressed with the product.

in general, since the u.s. economic structure can not survive without the government's ability and willingness to control pricing, requiring and in certain cases, compelling competitive bidding for government business are appropriate methods to control pricing and provide taxpayers with the most value for the least cost.

the line must be drawn where the government's demand for lowest cost quality products exceeds the corporate entity's (in general) ability to supply at that price, thereby extinguishing businesses in the process.

it is especially critical to provide protection for small businesses that can not compete on corporate levels, to insure their survival as is our constitutional intent.

it is our democratic hope that the trickle down effect of good management by the government serving a higher good of providing for society while protecting individuals will work.

as an individual, i can appreciate the government's requirements for competitive bidding; and as a ceo rationalize the agency cost as part of my job.

i will need to lead my firm in being efficient enough to fill a government contract and make a profit from the increased volume it represents. if this is not so, then the system will need to be revised.

for the stock to be listed it would mean that the stock was listed.

as an employee this ipo decision would complicate the management structure and probably give me more power to make decisions.

i believe that the major disadvantage is the loss of control which really fits into all the reasons sighted above.

european monetary union is at a critical juncture, how to fix exchange rates for currencies entering emu.

the ecu basket was frozen from december 1994.

with the most logical approach out of the question all others seem to be second best.

all choices lead to some degree of speculation and after the 1992 and 1993's merciless punishment by hedge funds and then by the market, policy makers are very cautious.

if they can gain a new government with positive outlooks on the emu, they may still be able to be part of the founding fathers.

best efforts vs underwritten offerings costs are the same but the risk is swayed one way or the other.

if priced too low the value will have been undersold and cash will have been lost. if overpriced the stock may not sell enough to work, or the price will fall and anger other holders.

currently randy's family holds all stock and it is considered privately held.

randy's family would benefit with founders shares and release a class 'a' with no voting rights for the first 5 years but paying out dividends to share in profits.

listed stock is when stock is placed on the nyse or amex.

randy's stock is a relatively small listing so otc would be the best bet cost wise and because of the regulations necessary to meet for listing.

the only question that remains, is that of which countries are going to take part in this change.

italy is having problems politically, therefore impacting their political stance.

their prime minister has been trying to make changes to their budget so that they can lower their deficit and be part of the founding fathers of this union.

this lack of budget and government is going to highly effect the eu's decision on who will be the founding members.

advantages of financing with stock vs bonds are no mandatory annual interest payments.

disadvantages are voting rights to others.

this festival was an intriguing ethnic display of worldly dances.

because of her early pregnancy she was restricted by doctors from dancing.

it was definitely not a poor substitute but a performance worth seeing in itself.

shopping was done while on stage, and performers from different dance troupes continued to perform in a successive schedule of liveliness.

middle eastern music hypnotized the listeners and musicians mystified.

when the combination of the risk free rate asset is added to the portfolio, the indifference curves may shift with the inclusion of the risk free asset, and elements of the efficient frontier of the displayed portfolio.

the percentage of insider trading cases involved on the amex exchange has risen 70.6%.

traders obtain information that is non-reflective thus creating an illegal advantage for themselves.

this erodes any possibility of the market maintaining efficiency and liquidity.

the union was formalized in 1979, alongside the ecu was developed for an accounting measure of standard for which to adjust a specific country's currency.

step one called for free capital movements among borders.

these policies give freedom of capital trading between countries with limited regulation.

this, alongside governing bodies for european countries coordinating fiscal policy to allow the movement, was to substantiate the major percentage of change.

germany hopes against the formation.

representatives of their central bank animatedly oppose support.

this could deal the organization a huge blow without germany's interest.

in my mind, it takes away from the dilution of the european nations, stealing their identity, and individual strengths and weaknesses.

if it holds true that the euro could hold the same strength as the u.s. dollar, imagine the long run possibilities of debt the u.s. could face.

member countries' political environment must be stable enough to the point that opposing political parties are not engaging in activities to stymie the efforts of financial improvement as evidenced by the concern in italy.

time will only tell what will happen in the emu's future.

the changes to the interest rates for all of these nations will have effects upon these countries but, the goal is to have all of these coluntries interest rates at 4% by the spring of 1998.

the economic and monetary union's efforts of combining europe economically and monetarily under a single currency seems to be an obvious maneuver by europeans considering the difficulties involved with so many different currencies.

the use of alcohol often clouds one's judgement to say "no" to having sex.

some facts to consider are two americans under the age of twenty become infected with hiv every hour.

it is estimated that one in 500 college students is infected with hiv according to the new england journal of medicine.

the health center also provides condoms at one forth the cost of stores.

contact eileen merberg in the office of campus life located in the bottom of the student union.

a major issue reared its ugly head just recently and has everybody whose anybody talking.

this contemptuous subject is referred to as s.i.p.

let's focus attention once again on ssu and the issues taking place on campus this week.

funding for the construction of an infrastructure capable of doing this, is being made available by four major corporations at an estimated $300 million cost.

if you would like more information or would like to raise more questions, a s.i.p. representative will be on campus ???????

dennis harris, president for administration and finance, has taken over responsibilities that facilities had last semester; operating the recycle center.

although ssu does not have a vast population of jewish students, they do exist.

eligibility in the a.z.o. honor society is as follows: students with an overall gpa of 3.0 with a 3.5 gpa in 15 units of upper division english are encouraged to apply.

each dinner includes an icebreaker to get people started but then is casual for the rest of the dinner.

if you do not (have an assigned advisor), ask the department chair assigning you to the appropriate person.

frequent scrutiny will fall into play with more buy action on a higher payout stock which mitigates agency problems.

in conclusion, robert reich makes a magnificent comment about money being unpatriotic which was the deciding factor when i decided what argument to accept.

the article is aimed at defining how to determine the nationality of a firm and why of its importance.

by employing americans and conducting its research, development and production in the u.s. would ensure that technology and skills remain in the u.s., thus contributing to the u.s. economy.

the last criterion (for determining the nationality of a firm) is the national treatment by which foreign firms would be treated like domestic firms thus ensuring a leveled out playing field for competitiveness.

japan has already dropped out of the race because it spent too much time and capital on analog hdtv just to be out dated by a digital version.

it is targeted to have a huge growth potential.

with the amount of international alliances in the high-tech field that cross borders in all directions, and not necessarily even changing firms on the way, which country can claim the technology.

most of its productions are done in foreign countries but gm was founded here in the u.s.

like the auto industry technology flows from firm to firm and from country to country.

the u.s. believed that a laissez-faire approach was necessary to make the production as efficient as possible, by pushing each other to create a better product.

these pictures were found in the star office amongst others that displayed a vast array of ssu history.

the tournament encircled the men and women's soccer teams from ssu and three other distinct schools.

ssu opened up its first home game against the broncos of cal poly pomona who painfully handed the cossacks a 3-1 defeat.

game two on sunday fitted the cossacks against the grand canyon university antelopes.

the cossacks fell to puget sound, uc riverside, and cal state los angeles during the tournament as well as beating grand canyon university.

what he did was try to expand his current market of home users and small businesses where gateway flourished to corporate america.

another attributing factor is a demand and supply of cheaper machines than gateway can currently offer.

gateway's competitor, dell computers; is quickly ascending and attaining a faster growth rate-- by selling to the corporate market with cheaper machines.

gateway hoped to follow suit but failed to see results in two consecutive quarters; bearly breaking even this last quarter.

bondholders should be maintaining some sort of restrictive covenant that curves the aggressiveness of gateway's management.

a higher degree of control must be established to re-focus the company back to healthiness.

two of the main concerns of gateway's management is to maintain the long term viability of the company balanced against the concern to maximize shareholder wealth.

the shareholders incur agency costs when trying to enforce that the managers goal is to increase stock value.

in owner controlled firms the data was not as clear but it still pointed to the fact that the owners did not have enough power to let their displeasure be known for illegal corporate activities through the compensation plan in place.

this study shows that companies understand that a management team pay should be controlled by some sort of compensation plan to keep their agency cost down, but they don't seem to know exactly how to monitor their plan to help it achieve its objective.

corporate management's authority is given to enhance growth and profits for stockholders. the agency costs determining company managed or franchisee managed stands as a clear obstacle to this end.

managers can impose mitigation measures to offset some of the effects imposed by shareholders relating to agency theory.

to alleviate the number of people in a room, they went out in search of an apartment complex to use as extra campus housing.

with 1,067 occupants, the housing office has found itself dealing with the issue of overcrowding in the dorms.

all students requesting a double were not accomodated due to the increase of students living on campus.

there are currently 100 modems and lines, which doesn't hold up to the capacity of students using this service.

the national trend of the university is going with outside providers.

statistical information regarding destruction of property, evictions, loud party complaints, or reasons for the rising problem regarding housing, received no comment with rohnert park public safety.

compared to berkeley and other schools we are lucky to attend a high school-sized university.

cunninghame recruited hall to ssu when working full-time since his recruitment.

conscious people, regardless of their descendants, can make important connections.

as an american, i feel that people have a right to know the origin of their roots.

in america we have lost our sense of respect through the need to fit in.

in order to take back that wisdom we must first make a conscious decision to claim ourselves as individuals.

finally, as students here at ssu, we have a cultural land mine through associated students, the women's resource center, and rec sports.

traditional library use has been greatly disrupted at the expense of students and faculty.

in accordance to the school's groove we've so recently settled into gripes are cropping up already.

alpha zeta omega (azo) is one of 475 international universities with chapter membership.

with their assorted text, notebooks and coffee, everyone seems prepared for the arsenal of schoolwork which should hit ground zero anytime now.

out of that group of people, maybe one or two have roots from asia.

so, the good news begins that if you are other than anglo and going to school, you have made a commitment to proving yourself as an individual.

news from the state consisted of money constrictions for higher education.

any chance of financial aid increasing was diminished and possible pay increases for csu staff were shot down.

the increase in campus housing is a result of the difficulties that students are having in trying to find residences in the surrounding community.

arminana summed up these happenings and reminded the community, that the emphasis of our future goals for the turn of the century will be education and knowledge.

wolf said that she does not expect to win the position due to the fact that being liberal may have an effect on the governor's decision. in addition, "the majority of the members are republicans on the board of directors", said wolf.

besides from a few isolated instances this has not occurred.

a lot of paper will be saved together with cost of it and environmental issues.

at first their target audience were people off-campus. however, they decided to target ssu students.

the gmmi program has five areas that the 16 students are involved in. in addition, the gmmi program has existed at ssu for four years.

terrill was travelling and subsequently was not in attendance at this meeting.

they deeply criticized me.

by the year 2007, the trustees have committed to reducing the number of students who need remediation.

the trustees plan to make fundamental changes by working with all segments of the education community, thus requiring the ten year time frame.

a stock exchange which functions on information and ideas of the economy was almost violated.

but, through the amount of transactions ocurring, the company can make a profit as well as can the customer.

however, i have three problems i would question.

there are three major services that monitor analyst moving data on the web.

accompanied by every 1-800 number there is a www.website number.

despite the sharp drop of almost two points for the day, the total share price for the month only dropped two dollars per share.

this two dollars represents a loss of 7% for the month or an annually rate of 53%.

although this loss of only two dollars does not seem like much, compared to the standard and poors 500 index it is more than twice the loss of the s&p.

in reading this information it poses the question where can the communication world go to next?

with all of these things in mind they are linking people and information together.

although, deregulation may be a great thing it has to maintain by some force to keep it from getting out of hand.

we want the government to promote diversity with the services, limit the rates, have requirements for connections, reject censorship, and many other things just to name a few.

as a matter of fact i have noticed a raised in prices. however, these new dime lines popping up all over the place there is competition that are growing.

some of the lights illuminate low levels of light.

at night, when there is not enough light, there is a better chance for danger to occur.

carrying a travelling squad of eight, five of them have previously played at junior college level, all having done very well in those respects.

by price recruiting players with those records it's sure that sonoma will be a competetor in future years.

mens tennis will be introduced to sonoma soon also in the future.

if this policy is enforced it will enhance the penalties of the perpetrators caught with illegal narcotics.

if anyone is interested in attending the presentation, weinberg will be at the warren auditorium on tues., mar. 25, from 12-1:30 p.m.

the role of a campus newspaper, as i see it, is not to create controversy.

a campus publication should go above and beyond reporting the news as well.

with an expected return of the sp500 being 14% per year, therefore having a risk premium of 9.03%, multicorp is much riskier than the sp500.

i feel that the possibilities of ibm outperforming the market is highly unlikely.

stemgen and infergen are the closest products to be introduced to the public.

industry relative strength of price against sp500 index price is 0.88, underfperforming the market.

costco plans on using new ways of energy to capitalize on the growing need for public charging facilities.

the industry taken as a whole is nothing to write home about posting its best return at the 12 month period. no other new stock changes have been found during this period such as splits.

loss per share was .98 cents as a result for the quarter.

there are so many companies with twice as much software that, they are all trying for the same amount of limited shelf space in retail stores.

if one was to purchase $1000 worth of worth of broderbund's stock at 2/18/97 and sold the stock at 3/14/97, then that person would lose $257.44.

kellog has started a repurchased 14 million shares in order to recoup its losses.

although the bid looked favorable for gw stockholders, the ceo of ahmanson said that all layoffs due to the merger would come from great western employees.

the expense of this could possibly keep the unsolicited offer at bay.

with a required rate of return not as high as callaway's price earnings ratio tells for the first time period, if an individual had invested in treasury bills he or she would have made money as opposed to those investors in callaway who took a loss.

although this loss of only two dollars does not seem like much, it does begin to take shape when compared to the standard and poor's 500 index.

coca cola is a company that is warranted for premier growth.

value line's use of p/e ratios isn't a perfect tool of analysis.

there is no relationship with inflation and interest rate information. for instance, the inflation rate has been steady, but it cannot be discarded as an issue.

the tool is not to be considered "market timing call". the use of p/e ratios is reinforcement for stock selection to use in the stock market.

it discussed value line's method for p/e ratios, and how they are to just analytical information.

despite outperforming the market, value line is best viewed as "wealthy" historical data.

in bull markets p/e ratios tend to be high and low in bear markets.

high p/e ratios are over 20 and are found in young, rapidly growing industries.

a high p/e ratio may look good until you are made aware of the stock's industry.

the article does not mention what should proceed the initial evaluation assuming that all readers were seasoned investors.

investment wise, it may not be the most glamorous choice but if you are investing to make a return on your money, higher return is better.

one industry that falls into this category is the banking industry and other financially based institutions.

price-earnings ratios should be compared between different companies.

one industry that falls into this category is the banking industry and other financially based institutions.

it is used by potential investors to give a value to the company.

the p/e ratio actually values the company's stock price to their earnings.

the three most common usage's of the p/e ratio are: trailing, forecasted, and relative.

however, past earnings growth is said to be almost useless in predicting future growth. ironically, past performance seems to be the only logical basis to intelligently forecast change.

the price to earnings ratio is a tool used by investors to evaluate securities on the basis of the securities price divided by the securities earnings.

at the beginning of the fiscal year the p/e for the firm is completely forward looking.

this method is used to either historically or currently show the firms relative price-earnings strength against the market. this is reached by dividing the firms p/e ratio by the markets p/e ratio.

evaluating the number you get when you go through these processes is also a matter of interpretation.

p/e ratio is the average weighted price-earnings of a company's stock price divided by the company's earnings per share.

depending on which school of thought you are from some believe that a high p/e ratio is favorably because they believe that the p/e is reflecting a higher value or growth rate.

you should take into consideration of what is going to happen in the near future as well, as using other methods of judgement.

you should not only look at p/e but also at price to revenue ratio to the total market value of the company's stock.

the stock should be a little more than twice its annual revenue to use as a good indicator of how well it's going to do.

the textbook explains that the p/e ratio should be determined to the standard comparison from the company's past record of its stock.

he claims that stocks with lower p/e ratios have lower risk, unlike efficient market theorists.

dreman measured the volatility of the two groups of stock given better than anticipated and unrealized earnings.

at first glance, a person seeing the title of glassman's column might think the notion of high returns with low risk is preposterous.

it was found that losses lined up dramatically in correlation with the average p/e's.

glassman states that based on this evidence, it presents a strong case to hold low p/e mutual funds because it is still possible to receive high returns over time with a relatively less risky mutual fund.

in a related article, the value point analysis forum said that glassman stated convincingly the concept of estimating risk by using p/e ratios.

there are many reasons why companies are on the net, such as enhance their image.

this maneuver was the beginning of a series of events to become a commercial bank.

they make consumer imaging equipment and supplies, commercial imaging segments which include motion picture, graphic art films, and copiers, printers, etc.

fourth quarter reporting that can be quoted at this time was a press release from eastman kodak.

odwalla inc went public for the first time in 1993.

as expected because of the e-coli outbreak odwalla had a great decrease in sales.

the company also incurred 3.8 million in direct recall costs due to the recall of product from the outbreak and other outbreak related expenses along with 700,000 more that will be added to the 1997 balance sheet.

a great deal of the companies future is riding on basically three assumptions.

coca cola started to buy back a total of 250 million of it's shares since october, 1996.

coca cola shares are expected to go up as coca cola has found a method of increasing their profits, they have a higher selling price, and they are also increasing their volume of soft drinks, they expect to increase their volume by 3-5% in usa.

they have over 80,000 employees and are one of the only employee owned airlines.

they overcame these difficulties with expanding and also concentrating their flights.

these jets are the same reason that american airlines threatened to go on strike earlier this month.

united has a little more control over who flies these jets simply because they own a large part of the company.

at least for the flights where the 747's and the 777's are below capacity and can go with the smaller jets.

a recent issue that united has had to deal with is in san francisco.

they tried to get around it but it will only last for about two years.

the financial report shows 1994, 1995 and 1996 amounts of sales.

the beginning information stated the company data, filing values and business information.

i am a sports fan so this company brings fourth an interesting statistics, i would like to know.

upon receiving the fourth quarter results for 1996, the net income earned was $13,259,000.

over the past twenty-six years they have been around, bre properties has declared over one hundred consecutive quarterly dividends to shareholders.

given the previous information, if one was debating over whether or not to buy longs drugs stores stock, he might decide to buy long.

as ifci is trying to expand i see it making wise choices with acquisitions that look promising and substantial contracts.

the youngest brother added sugar to his cereal in order to sale more product that resulted in bigger profits and more market shares knocking the older brother out of business.

toward the future kellog plans to launch new cereals in the up coming months.

i feel that the president had done the right thing in knocked down separated walls between the local and long distance companies.

one of knight's coolegiate coaches as well as phil himself were having breakfast one morning when the coach had an idea to put rubber compound into the waffle iron.

black history month is historically tied to the idea of the beginning of the year when the slaves were passed on to new owners.

free throws kept the lumberjacks in the game, shooting 80 percent from the line, but giving up 20 turnovers.

if you're wondering where you can find the humboldt state basketball team, you'll probably find them cleaning out their lockers.

although it is called a resort, don't let the title fool you.

buddies pizza is relatively new yet established and successful business.

the walls are bereft of gaudy posters and advertisements, contributing to the comfortable feeling.

the overall quality of every ingredient i've encountered at buddies conspires to make a pizza that puts the big name chains to shame.

your beloved columnist ventured to the outer realms of the big rp, where every american family can assimilate into the monotony of suburban life and curse the only worthwhile institution in the track home town, and recorded the small town follies occurring in the bowling alley.

people looking for disco rap may be just the audience boom band requires for their offbeat combinations of music types. boom band's members form a trio of varying musical tastes. their offspring of rap, funk, and a disco mixture is a result of their being the individuals that they are.

it took $310,000 per year to run football and only brought in $7,000 to pay for its debt.

u.c. davis is the only remaining division 2 football program, allowing both humboldt and chico to join a conference of football teams in oregon, washington, and british columbia in 1997.

mr. green is well-known for his contributions to the telecommunications industry, and his foundation of three companies in the area.

rarely do banks call loans because they have too much at stake; therefore we feel that bankruptcy is not a viable option.

because the product is different than most traditional wine products the correlation should be uncorrelated to other firms.

he feels that eva is growing as a tool based on the fact that his companies consulting services are in high demand.

in both cases, eva and book value are accounting values which are only one piece of an investor's portfolio of information they use for determining the price of a stock.

the value line investment survey recommends that wal-mart's revenue is still growing in the future.

as part of the $546 million in improvements, $395 million of revenue bonds will be sold.

flotation costs should be considered if you want the exact cost of debt. if on the other hand, it is not necessary, you can exclude the flotation cost.

nominal cost of debt should be used, versus the effective annual rate.

many questions have been asked, yet the answers are not yet set in stone.

the suspect escaped without injury and reported the incident to ssu police.

they encourage anyone with any concerns to please call for an escort when you have to walk alone at night.

since the students of ssu (voted) against a student fee increase of $300 per year, what does the future look like for the campus community?

according to garlin, the difference between facts and opinion became very confusing.

the principal dancers are david henry and ashley blade along with the rest of the troupe all from sonoma county.

the california higher education policy center is projecting a wave of enrollment at university's throughout the u.s.

i would like everyone to take a long deap breathe.

besides the two new ulcers i have acquired, my stress level has reached the optimum point.

but on the lighter note, i had the opportunity to come across a band who defies the rules of only punk, punk, punk music in sonoma county.

it doesn't mean you can hear this music at refinery's and oil factories. its actually an expression in the types of "sounds" found in industrialization.

being natives of northern california, (the band's) music certainly doesn't reflect the typical genre of music found in sonoma county.

if you never seen a gothic version of the police's "every breathe you take" or a guy who smashes his keyboard, take the opportunity and see these guys.

(his) soccer career has come to an end, but the fruits of his success are still being recognized.

we can't waste any time on our education.

no more control on how you do school according to your needs.

the game had an auspicious start from the beginning.

being an avid music listener, its rare having the opportunity to encounter a type of music that hasn't been ghastly rotting away my soft ears.

in a desperate attempt to heal my severing pain, i went to (the inn) for some tuesday night action.

after the explanation on the band's name i realized that this was going to be a complicated review.

(the band) relies on their ears for the voice of communication.

a common goal revolving around the band is to remain a mystery.

rather than telling any more about "ransom" like most reviews do, go out and see it for yourself.

kai kln literally wipes the sweat, right off you brow!

along with two raging albums underneath their stomach's, kai kln is about to release their third lp.

their distinct sound can be compared to the likes of black sabbath getting totally wasted with allman brothers.

in the summer of1964 savio travelled to mississippi to aid blacks in registering to vote. returning to the uc berkeley campus that fall, the university administrators banned students from distributing information on the civil rights movement.

his passion ignited my own along with numerous others here at ssu.

she encouraged students and faculty to utilize their american power to vote.

that quickly changed when she heard newt's comments on gays and lesbians in the workplace, saying that they did not deserve federal protection from job discrimination.

she doesn't agree with every issue.

dating back to the 1994 senatorial race, the gay population and their friends, families, and neighbors, made up 27% of the vote.

quoting dr. martin luther king jr. from one of his speeches at a successful march in alabama, she said that we need to "march on the ballot boxes to get change".

district attorney mike mullins decided that the incident could not have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt by either the victim or the accused.

it is a matter of sacrificing one's self for a personal belief that is so strong, that there is nothing more potent than denying your own privileges in order to achieve victory in the quest. whatever the quest may be.

he cited the "glass ceiling" phenomena in employment and government.

unknown suspects took a vcr from a cabinet in stevenson hall.

according to ellington, this increase in auto burglaries usually happens in spurts.

not including the six vehicles burglarized, a seventh car had pry marks on the door locks.

some advice offered by ellington is to write down the serial number of your property.

the cossacks showed their poise by overcoming a frustrated hayward team that could not stir any kind of offense throughout the game and trying to rattle the cossacks by aggressive plays.

the trustees that the president has hired are friends of his. because of this, they justify him having a half-million-dollar salary and a new york condo.

if you are ever at all concerned about your safety as you walk through campus, a sense of security is just a phone call away.

as you can see, these interns who patrol ssu on foot and bicycle program for criminal justice majors are a valuable resource for anyone at ssu.

between the four interns that are hired each semester, two work during the day and two work at night.

the police department provides each intern with bicycles, helmets, radios, and uniforms.

he also spoke about three topics that he feels have not been addressed in this election time.

binge drinking is defined by a level of drinking that results in intoxication and a significant increase in risky behavior; behavior including getting an std, regretted sex, car crashes, fights, vandalism, etc.

they are distracted by drunken roommates or neighbors and they themselves participate, making it difficult to get good grades.

an important aspect to consider is the second hand effects of drinking when it interferes with jobs and/or school.

the concept of change being needed was one of brown's focusses during his hour and twenty minute speech.

the offense created more holes in the stanislaus defense than the average chunk of swiss cheese.

the cossacks are still in the running for a ncaa playoff bid but realistically need to win the rest of their games to have a shot.

however, her preliminary sentence demands her to make restitution to the ssu foundation in the amount of $43,106 as well as several other stipulations.

he is particularly noted for his expertise in hiv as it relates to the college and university environment, sexual attitudes, and broad based behavioral and development issues as well as prevention and intervention.

he has been a principle investigator and consultant for several hiv/aids-related projects.

with the reputation of being a particularly compelling speaker, keeling tends to discuss many related issues that are important to university-aged students.

worth's ssu chorus is composed of about 75 students, and the outside community is welcome as well.

in this group the members sing all types of music.

a new project worth is trying next semester is making a concert the result of a process rather than only making up a concert.

for this article i am going to share with you my 2, going on 3 years in this locale of ours. here are some of the most favorable and useful stops in the near vicinity.

cheapest laundromat: i know this one from one super poor sunday spent comparison shopping these places of washing.

the atmosphere is calm and soothing and the products are smartly priced.

johnny houston had a touchdown run in the third quarter on a four yard run.

ssu was led by punter turned quarterback todd whitehurst, completing 11 of 25 for 109 yards.

the cossacks would seal it up the game in the fourth quarter by a 1 yard run from lockett.

the cossacks dropped a loss to u.c. davis by a 2-1 margin.

the second half was a whole different story which ended for the cossacks similar to most shakespeare plays; in tragedy.

cossacks head coach marcus zeimer attributed the loss to the desire of davis.

according to swanson, the endless list includes; mentoring students in research projects, founding 'le club med', is the faculty coordinator for 'women in science' and also helps eighth grade girls and younger children to enjoy science.

images are shuffled on the screen. images of tiger woods at four of age open an album of still photographs and video clips that review the history of the new golf phenomenon's rise to fame.

"are you ready for me?" tiger asks. we already know the answer. no. this staging of america's racial future is not new. it is as old as the nation itself. race sells. it is a kind of national product, a viable commodity that makes for good business. that it continues to do so, long after the confrontation of tribal nations with the english at jamestown and the offloading of african chatel at the same place over 370 years ago, is a testament to our nation's fascination with race and with the tenacity of two ideas; racial superiority and social equality.

with the political and cultural significance of california in mind, the symposium has drawn upon outstanding californians. among these is novelist, critic, scholar, shirley anne williams, author of 'dessa rose', a novel of slavery.

ms william's presentation will be preceded on tuesday october 15, 1996 by a lecture by duane big eagle on the values of native american poetry and on tuesday evening at 7:30 by a showing of edward townsends' hollywood shuffle and a panel on race and the movies headed by professor jonah raskin, communications studies in darwin 108.

pacific lumber was issued two separate orders to halt logging totaling 724 acres.

maxam was also ordered to stop construction of road through the forest discovered by hikers in earth first!

maxam, however, let in to pleas of environmental groups and suspended any logging.

any student, both undergraduate and graduate, must pass the wept in order to receive their degree. to be eligible, students must be of junior status and pay a $25 testing fee.

the goal of the wept is to demonstrate an individual's writing competency.

imposed in 1976, the csu system responded to the high percentage of students graduating with less than adequate writing skills.

the test is given three times a semester on a first come first serve basis.

the cost, $25, is mistakenly believed to be a scam. the cost is justified though. the fee is payment for the readers, reservation of classrooms, test booklets, and employing those administering the test all fall within the exam's fee.

in the past, the failure rate has gone up and down; with the latest test given in september, the failure rate was only 19%.

sandra feldman expressed her concerns and vision of bringing the wept closer to the students.

at the time of registration, you will be informed about the test site and other pertinent information.

i only have a couple comments to the scathing letter writer's.

i invite you to come see the tools, or lack of, which i have to work with.

after interviewing judith hunt the issues took on a new perspective.

hunt highlighted some of the positive teaching aspects that would happen if there was more funding.

if the fee passes we want to increase the tenure track full time teachers.

stay small or grow and pay money or alleviate layoffs or hiring and have more improvements or restricted improvements?

these complex issues are the ones that will rock the vote this november.

one represents emotions, another represents emotions, and the last represents intellect.

the supporting cast contains two noticeable favorites.

an avid alcoholic with a nose for the truth and the will to ignore it, lights up the stage with his comedic role.

its success led to a musicalized version.

laughter is one of mother natures most delightful prescriptions and this years line-up is expected to severely lower the blood pressure of all that attend.

scrawl's brutally honest lyrics raise your eyebrows by jennifer fristoe reporter being in the music scene for ten years creates much to write about as far as lyrics are concerned.

this two woman, one man band that makes up scrawl has the ability to tell a small story in their songs and make music that adds narration.

their music has varied so greatly in the last 10 years that they were unable to be categorized.

the rhythmic piano and bass mesh well together creating a relaxed, meditative feeling in the listener that is so unlike any other song.

(the song) portrays a sad, confused woman who is addicted to sex to replace her emotions.

and just so you stay alert, one of the next songs repeats the same four lines 23 times.

(marcy) mays sings with a touching wave in her voice and the backup vocals of sue harshe seem to crash the party at times, but it is easy to ignore the minor screeches.

i cannot neglect my frustrations concerning our tired natural pastime, which has been gnawing at me like a flesh eating bacteria.

all of a sudden guys with warning track power are hitting balls out of the park like a 90 proofed babe ruth and still hardly anyone is attending games.

furthermore, there is marge schott's weekly foot insertion exercise into her own mouth.

one more that has to be brought to the forefront is the heisman trophy award.

i am not proposing to eliminate the award all together.

the temperature in the field was hot but the cossack's attack was rather cool.

the cossacks gave it every attempt they had to score.

with rush week currently taking place with both fraternities and sororities, there are some positive reasons to look into some of the organizations.

some greek organizations can be beneficial because some students do better during their college years.

one new organization starting on campus is the 'order of omega', an honorary society just for greeks.

the separate entity is a national organization that is viewed with much prestige.

to allow prospective rushees a fair chance to view all three national sororities equally, the members are in a period of silence.

unlike the sororities (the fraternities) are allowed to talk about their own organizations and run their own rushes individually from each others.

for many of the students who attend ssu, adjusting to the american culture is most likely not one of their principle concerns.

though the students in ssali encounter the initial culture shock, the immersion process is an important aspect to the program.

he was able to be immersed in a culture much different than his native own.

many times, students use ssali as a way to improve their much needed foreign language skills.

it enables american students the chance to learn about other cultures and make lifetime friends.

the plan is getting mixed reviews depending on who you talk to.

the maximum the residential community can hold is 1024 because a bathroom will never have more than five persons sharing it.

the residential community has lost money because it was forced to buy extra beds and desks as well as other costs brought on with more people such as electricity.

my hope is to convey this information to my fellow students - not to have them dancing in the bookstore but to gain a better understanding of retail services on our campus.

this is standard at most csu bookstores anywhere.

let alone the reshelving of the books and shipping them back to the sender.

most people are not willing to fight the fact that their books are so expensive, but students need to realize the bookstore doesn't decide on ordering brand new books every semester.

the same holds true for going to the bookstore on the first day of school and wondering why there are not cards or books for your classes.

why do i spend $50 on a book when i only get $15 at book buyback?

all publishing and pricing information is always offered for public knowledge.

there are a number of computer programmers in russia, japan, the united states, and around the world who are programming and running the computers which make our world run at its present pace.

while this idea is still in progress some of the goals are going to reflect more on academics.

the opportunity for everyone in the sonoma county area to see a spectacular show is available on sept. 11 at the luther burbank center for the arts.

the show starts at 7:30pm and all seats are reserved.

from 1967 to 1993 the ebola virus was chased and researched by scientists.

the german town of marburg and washington d.c. were also sights of infection.

this excerpt, from the book, shows how nasty the ebola virus is on its attack on the human race.

this book is an absolute requirement for those who want to be amazed and chilled.

though the songs are sung in chinese, the skillfully, slow singing and the same smooth melody move the heart and enchant the body.

the constant pulse of the music is livened by a great number of volume fluctuations.

this quietly uplifting album is worthy of international praise and local listening.

our capability to cope without all of these electronic stimulations becomes almost an impossible task.

in the age of mass communications on a such colossal level, the skill of perfecting a perfect piece of prose should be a slightly simple event.

i do feel that we should take time from all the wonderful conveniences that have numbed our senses.

i do not sit in a candle-light room writing literary masterpieces on parchment.

the same pieces of technology i condemn are necessary to me on a horribly large scale.

the information superhighway has caused an uprising in communications as we know it.

is the world so preoccupied with sex? if they are they could at least brush up on their grammar while being obscene.

those in favor of concealed weapons claim it's there constitutional right to bare arms.

the people of norway has just a population over four million.

relatively all sami reside in the northern part of the arctic circle.

norway is known worldwide for the woman prime minister and her women cabinets, which hold 40% of the seats.

results for first quarter 1996 fell along the lines in the past, selecting norsk hydro's company which is the norwegian energy, fertilizers, metals, and chemicals group had a net income of nok 1,868 million.

norway's dependence on international trade literally imports more than half its food.

the government's main concern is to reduce that dependency with reductions in unemployment and strengthen and diversify the economy.

the history that surrounds norway started as a number of small norwegian communities were gradually organized into larger regions in the 9th century.

the nation has a relatively evenly matching trade balance.

all (of these countries) are considered to be quite a powerful trading portner to have good relations with or economies could suffer tremendous damage due to trade wars of any kind.

it seems as though there's not much production of natural resources which, of course is false, due to the large numbers of people who work and live in the urban areas of canada.

barnabe's only loss in his high school career came when he was a freshman at the hands of requarth.

in some ways the tejon club gang is similar, although not in decency or etiquette, to the tv hit comedy "cheers", blended with the backcountry feel of the "beverly hillbillies".

what do you get when you cross free speech with pat buchanan? something that violates the first amendment and certainly nothing to do with this article. take a moment to talk amongst yourselves. it is time to take a trip through the locality to find the essence of a great coffee house.

there are no unknown impacts that we are aware of.

"sun soaking bulges," the presidents of the united states of america are singing about this naturally occuring phenomenon, as well as steve miller.

the performers are mainly from ssu such as ken marcelous, who performs spoken word poetry with music and james cantor, a folklore specialist with the incorporation of music and stories.

if you are satisfied so will i.

she questioned the numbers of students who are served by programs such as athletics, with anywhere from 203 to 300 students, according to barkey (who is retiring), and the children's school, which serves less than 70 students.

markets of less efficiency do not always lack information considering information may already be functioning in the economic value.

the relationship between future activity and insider trading validity will be a loss of market efficiency.

market efficiency is not considered valid, but the validity comes in form of consistent information into prices and intrinsic values.

when bob holland was hired as ceo, he is the first african-american to head a highly visible, publicly traded company that is not a division of a larger firm, which with his different background, increases the value of the firm especially in an anti-affirmative action atmosphere.

the thoughts that inspire this band are the dreams that grab us all: mental imbalance, relationship troubles, people that just don't make sense.

aside from voting for your choice for the presidential nomination, there will be a number of propositions and other legislation which will be made law, with or without your vote.

we the people, will have lost another opportunity to preserve quickly diminishing open space to developers.

these issues are being discussed in the 'beijing and back lecture series' which is open to the public every wednesday.

march 20 will cover 'women and the media' and the inequality of women's access to participation in communication systems, pornography, violence, and stereotypes in popular media.

once the pattern of the graph has been determined and the correlation it has to the stock market or personal stocks one can buy and sell at times when it will appear profits will be greatest based upon the history of the graph.

grammer is put to the test when he is given command of a rusty submarine, a crew of navy rejects, an anal, by the book assistant officer, and a mission.

i'd give "down periscope" a b rating for humoring me without making me think too hard while watching.

dangling from his sensuous lips is a lit cigarette, smoldering as the look in his steely eyes. it's too bad he's twelve feet tall and only weighs in at about 7 pounds.

dancing will be available on the patio.

some times we are forced to keep from going mad.

it was suppose to be a romantic getaway to carmel.

there are a lot of good guys who get a bum wrap.

stemming from lyrics based on traditional legends and folk tales, the band will keep the irish theme percolating through the air.

the six member band combines a powerful sound that emanates from vocals and various instruments.

the san francisco guardian discussed the heart and detail of the band "tempest has a lock on the best type of celtic rock but branching out into original space with the kind of eclecticism that keeps the genre fresh".

the spirit of st. patrick's day will be kept alive with festive green and white customary decorations like four leaf clovers and leprechuans, in addition to illuminating white lights surrounding the dance area.

course work is offered in foreign language, liberal arts, or child psychology for about 10 to 15 hours a week of instruction.

inventory is relatively illiquid, their current ratio went up due to an increase in inventory so really, their liquidity went down if their inventory is illiquid.

the center has set up a variety of events so that each person is served, however, ssu distinguished alumna molly macgregor, who founded the national women's history project, will give a lecture on march 28.

johan sebastian bach was not a rock star. he is a dedicated artist.

using tactics of voice, music, and visionaries, while underlying the theme "moving beyond distrust and fear", the "black and brown get-down" discussion will be offered tuesday.

he wanted to reveal more than just another guitar solo album, he wanted to express his true ability to play guitar without the added effects which were usually quite present on his prior works.

since 40% of assets are financed by common equity it is important for financial managers and indeed all managers to consider structuring the capital structure.

this method of trouble shooting is both timely as well as costly.

as you look over the selections, you may have difficulty trying to decide what to order, from enchiladas to burritos, from fajitas to tacos.

some of the disadvantages of paying dividends include satisfying investors with sufficient ongoing income from their stock dividends to appease them and keep the value in the marketplace viable.

instead of companies trying to cut corners by laying off people to reduce payroll or because they are not being a profitable company and are about to go out of business anyway not to mention the current rate of unemployment, at least the company is laying off people with the knowledge that they will be a better company in production and in management affairs and in job satisfaction for the employee.

quaker also has a large r&d department, because they are always coming up with new products.

the automotive industry developed because suppliers of basic materials such as steel, rubber, petroleum, and glass were established which automotive inventions such as the duryea wagon, the functional ignition system and electric starter spurred the development of gas powered vehicles.

higher prices will result in lower auto sales because higher prices of autos are very sensitive to consumers disposable income and disposable income is related to economic conditions which is related to growth in the general economy.

future predictions for the general economy is expected to weaken.

he also owns a publishing company, burning deck books, along with his wife.

the honors history track at ssu already requires proficiency in a second language as well as international business and a few other majors.

it had been almost two weeks since the ssu baseball team had played a game during the southern california road trip.

from nachos to quesadillas filled with anything and everything, you can eat for about $5 off the appetizer menu.

marketing, management, production, customer and employee relations, prices and inventory are just a few of the many different parts of a company that must be analyzed and determined in order to succeed in the long run.

the process of setting up a spreadsheet can be confusing if unfamiliar with their use of software.

in october the price was 47 and finally in december the price jumped to 51.

the stock performance of gm over the several months i have been reporting has done very well.

my advise for someone to invest in stocks is to invest in them in the fourth quarter each year since that is the high point for the industry.

you would have been better off if you had sold woolworth before it had a chance to dramatically decrease.

although the higgins model does have its bright spots, the stocks that increased dramatically it also has its low spot, the stocks that decreased a great deal.

i was surprised to find that the company would need to let go of its president.

the only way for the alcoholic beverages segments to grow in the market is to increase their holds in the more mature markets.

the alcoholic beverages segment of the industry have had a steady decline since u.s. congress and the government has been consistently making crackdowns on alcoholics, alcoholism and their affiliation to alcohol-related accidents some fatal.

for every one out of four beverages consumed in society today, that one will be a soft drink.

the company is headquartered in chicago and in 1992 the company held 21,000 employees.

the only good chance of share price to rise significantly again, will be if wells fargo successfully blocks this merger in court, thereby re-opening the possibility of a leveraged buyout, adding value to the stocks.

this aspect of banking shouldn't change, where loans are the backbone of the industry and the main profitable product.

this should be a huge cost savings to banks when everything is fully automated, letting them focus on their real agenda, profits through sales and lending.

in a bull market the only thing in pepsico's future is the limit to your own imagination.

as the information presented has explained pepsico is the company in which to invest money.

i feel that the fund did not do very well this month, but only this month.

during november the net asset value of the fund stayed around the same area until the end of the month where it dropped due to interest rate fears.

last month's beta was quite a bit higher than this month yet the previous month was similar to this month.

interest rate fears led the company to experience a huge drop because investors feared higher interest rates would topple corporate profits and the stock market.

investors were not sure what to do and as a result caterpiller's stock fluctuated.

another reason for the volatility was because of the striking of union workers at the company.

i realize that for many, college is a mere opportunity to waste their parents money and relive their high school days, but for some of us our tuition bills are footed by none other than ourselves, and for those of us who are self supporting, having to tolerate those of you who don't want to be here is an amazing test of patience.

the first track, "batradar" opens the album with explosive energy and driving rhythms only to then collapse into a weird, and wonderful melody which will remind you that your (sic) not listening to just any old rock band here.

although this cd is fairly short, a mere 20 minutes in length, polvo does seem to deliver some good songs.

adding to the educational and entertaining environment, quiz contests and films will be organized.

the theme of this spiritual event not only honors black history month, but also the individuals blessed with age who, through perceiving the experience of living, create history through contribution.

the album is good but their is little to be said for their cover art on the disc.

the traditional rock and roll instruments of the guitar and drums are joined by the bass, fiddle, and banjo, which puts a whole new twist to the sound.

over 2000 delirious fans showed up during the weekend to turn the small ssu gumnasium into a hostile setting for the visiting team.

the aggies used a series of runs to gain big leads to conclude the half.

there are munchies and brew available for consumption as well as more substantial fare, such as sandwiches, for those with more in mind.

with the coming renovations to the pub so too might the name be changed.

each customer would mention which club they are from and five percent of the purchase would be handed over to that club.

students and faculty continually try to avoid these huge pits in the hopes of keeping their cars safe from damage.

the purpose of the month is to identify through an ethnic specific celebration the various areas of contribution from african american descent aiding towards the advancement of america.

although he felt this level of discipline was unfair the instructor who dealt with the complaint said "there were many instances and it finally reached a breaking point..."

the place is not unusual, it is traditional, and they like to keep all the customers happy.

they make the best spaghetti you have ever tasted and if you do not like it you can have some tiramisu for dessert.

the predictability is unfortunate when the movie opens with such pizazz as the two brothers gecko rob and kill in the true wild west style

other important news thats outcome is unkonwn is the proposed sanctions aganist japan.

general motors is the world's largest auto manufacturer which industry developed.

firm value includes all its assets and belief from shareholders in the firm.

the relation will go up and down shifting the ratio but they will always equal the same not affecting the ratio.

how the stock market works and that if you want to become rich you may do it with the stock market but it maybe just as easy to lose everything if you decide on the wrong choices.

many say that shareholder happiness is number one priority of all corporations when it comes down to wealth factors.

it is not reasonable for the required rate of return demanded by equity investors to be the same when debt as opposed to common stock financing is employed.

miller's theorem says it does not affect the value of the firm when you add debt and equity while the value remains the same and you incur monetary costs.

as you pay dividends your equity stays at the same rate to your debt.

a firm is unaffected by a cash dividend payout because it is not completely known how much it does to pay cash dividend is to decide not to invest in the firm.

in testing our hypothesis we did not use weight as a variable that could affect the result so our model without the insertion of weight might not be a good model.

table j is a regression of having multiple regression of having more than one predictor variable.

the regression table shows that as the car's fuel efficiency increases its weight also drops by 8.36 tons.

as more foreign cars are purchased we get better mileage from these cars.

so far we can begin to question is the weight of domestic car what makes them have low mpg?

so we see that mpg goes down with foreign cars.

there has been great success reported for re-engineering as stated by the wall street journal saying that csc index reported a 75% success rate.

also setting aggressive goals in a re-engineering plan is most successful.

companies need to determine the most important detriment to success and concentrate on that while leaving the day to day activities to the employees which is another aspect of re-engineering.

this will make everyone in the organization an important aspect to the company.

although improving the efficiency of the company and the job autonomy of the employees who are kept re-engineering will make life tough for millions of people.

some estimates call for as many as 25 million jobs may be lost due to re-engineering.

an example of ford motor corporation's adoption of this process is given. with the re-engineering that took place they were able to reduce head count at mazda by 75% in the accounting department.

this article examines the possibilities of business process re-engineering spreading into european companies. however, it remains to be seen if it will spread into the european business industry.

this is contradictory to many european firms that believe it is good business to spread management throughout the countries wiith whom they do business to maintain friendly terms with those country's governments.

finally, the european business environment does not necessarily have the same overall management and customer philosopies that the american corporations currently embrace such as the customer is always right.

bruce also gives his view of the down fall of re-engineering which is that the mere attraction is what causes it to fail.

in august 1994 hewlett-packard in its annual fiscal year reported that the firm had gained net income for $1,177,000,000 million dollars with outstanding shares of 252,713,000.

on september 8 hp took over the inkjet market.

these short term secutities are sold in the futures market and referred to as hedging. indeed, these future securities help provide stability in the price of the cost of working capital.

while stockholders usually hold a portfolio of stocks which can decrease the company risk, nevertheless, there are some considerations they evaluate.

each investor has their own aversion to risk to consider whether they want to invest in common stock from a company which has an average, high, or low beta coefficient.

management must always remember, that it is extremely important to keep investors and the stock market having a positive value associated with their firm.

thus, this objective should be the number one goal of all firms in order to obtain sufficient equity to continue operations and growth of a viable company in the global marketplace.

for a while customer prices still seem under control, there seems little doubt that prices for all sorts of commodities have begun a tick higher.

i think that anybody entering this database market should have knowledge of all the possibilities of distributing and that not one method is flawless.

the two articles are very similar in their results of the system studies verifying the reliability of the information that they demonstrated.

the article also discusses a readiness matrix that evaluated potential customers giving them an idea of whether or not this system would be valuable and beneficial to them.

the article gave an inventory system example using each of two techniques for updating distributed data.

distributed databases are now much faster and smarter than the previously used mainframes.

one can question how and when will the ability to toss data around the world in real time and not drop a bit of it be available.

consequently a logical distributed table from existing database which presents more problems is needed.

however whether information gathered this far up in the organization will be useful or hamper operations at lower levels is yet to be seen.

cost of equity is basically your common equities after tax cost times market value

does women's history month just seem like another chance for a middle-aged group of femi-nazis to get together to male bash? women's history month actually has something for even the conservatives on campus.

the event actually had its roots at ssu.

women's history month began as a week long celebration in 1981 and increased to a month long celebration in 1987.

one goal of women's history month is to empower girls and women by presenting female role models; another is to develop increased respect for women's accomplishments in the minds of boys and men as well.

the tomlinson's (sic) are lifelong residents of sonoma county. thus, they want to be assured that upon their deaths, the money they have earned will remain in the same county that they have called home for so many years.

their love for the elderly and students prompted them in their decision to donate their financial wealth to benefit the two.

certainly there are plenty of white middle class americans who have overcome hardships, don't get me wrong, but somehow i don't believe that these are the people who believe that to be black in america doesn't present any more challenges than being an american of any other ethnicity.

it takes base ignorance to believe that there are no social, economic or political factors behind why 40 percent of black males in their twenties in california are in either in prison, on parole, or on probation.

some of tunison's duties as web master include being the system administrator for the campus web server, web training classes, electronic mail information, ...., and setting the overall structure of the web server.

since we are already included in some kind of survey chart of "average american college students" somewhere, why not actually take part in what is going on?

rape awareness week is a time for students of ssu to learn the answers to these questions and others.

from the moment you walk in the ambiance is wonderful.

when the server brings you your food, look out!

amazingly, the three at the bottom of the list were academic performance and teacher recommendations.

the sasrc receives many new jobs on a daily basis and they have made researching extremely accessible.

the 12b-1 fee is just another annual expense to detract from the shareholders (sic) annual return.

in fact, a year when the bond market isn't anything but astounding, funds with 12b-1 fees generally suffer a greater loss or return than those without them.

since more than half the funds have the 12b-1 fee, one should pay close attention to if and how big the fee the fund imposes.

investors should also be aware of brokers who charge low commission, because it doesn't guarantee low trading costs.

liquidity occurs in deep markets, so it would be a good idea that the security is in demand.

under the new plan the company is supposed to buy back one third of the companies (sic) shares from employees and family members for $265 per share which has a total greater than $4 billion.

this is a decision for the finance department which ties into our class of investments.

considering the current bank mergers, consumers are now evaluating transaction costs to help make the best financial decision to save their money.

some of these events, for example, include a panel discussion on the legal issues surrounding rape.

along with the unpopularity of affirmative action, the workshop aims to introduce unification by exchanging an intellectual analysis and discussion of cultural similarities and differences.

featherston and associates work to promote the decrease in all forms of oppression based on economy, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, and religious belief.

the discussion is offered by $5 student admission and $8 general admission.

the largest difference was the number of asian students at ssu, four percent, and the number enrolled in the csu, 16 percent.

nowdadays, the free markets are becoming more popular and the pricing mechanism coordinates and allocates like a manager.

(he) compares the pricing mechanism in the free markets of today to the necessity of a corporation's factors of production and management whose function is to coordinate, and if there is a way to eliminate these factors and thus transaction costs.

in the years to come, investors must decide between transaction costs or doing everything themselves to make a better profit.

the only way for the investor to make the correct decision, as to whom they should buy the stock from, is to research.

the author starts his article by mentioning a possible investigation into the bid/ask spreads happening on nasdaq.

this is because the the over-the-counter house will make money on the deal from the bid/ask spread, and still pay the broker a fee for directing the business their way.

the investor is looking to improve his wealth by protecting his hard earned income for the future, to improve his welfare, not the welfare of others.

not only does the investor need to be aware of the financial tools that he has to work with such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds and etc., but also be aware of the tools available to help him make his goals.

many students dream about what it would be like to live in a foreign country, basking among people of different cultures.

but the cost of going abroad prohibits many students from leaving the borders of their home country.

the potholes in the parking lot swallow our economy cars, the library receives only certain current periodicals, and the commons is only open from 11 am to 2 pm. ssu is crying out for a change in fiscal resources.

bring your id, your favorite dance moves, and a hint of green to avoid getting pinched.

the most obvious drawback is the expense it can incur.

the businesses that would most benefit from the idea are the ones that can afford it.

lan is much more complicated than we know.

for example they can use bus topology which less complicated than ring topology but less efficiency when the traffics are busy.

we can separate out network became 2 or 3 different area and connect them with a bridge.

maximum our traffic without change or add new technology.

emprise technology has come up with a virtual tape drive that both sides interact with to achieve network data.

for this implementation to take place there are obviously pros and cons.

one of the many opportunities that the team has congratulated brenda scally.

it is images like this which are blamed for the rise in youths smoking in america.

the basic plot of superman is the nice guy, clark, has to become a super hero to win.

from his 25 hours of work sprang just 27 minutes, but an award winning 27 minutes.

page decided to do the story out of curiosity, instead of having it be an assignment.

our 12 pages don't exactly put us in the running with the press democrat for ad space. and thus we come out with 12 pages.

people on the same team, which i am assuming the letter writer is on, may have their differences, but if they want to win a game, they need to support each other.

jordan grafman has a phd in human neuropsychology from the university of wisconsin and obtained a degree in psychology at ssu in 1974.

he is the former director of the neurophysical research section ... and then captain, u.s. air force biomedical sciences command.

the lectures focus on the 12 point platform endorsed by the conference through tam stevenson and speakers, local activists, and experts who attended the conference.

coming from the greater bay area, the inspirations found in beijing will bring these individuals to discuss problems and address topics with local, national, and international feminist perspectives.

in addition, a taste of asian delicacies can be had for those arriving before 5 pm for the reception.

i am not trying to guilt-trip you either, because if you didn't register to vote in the primary election, it's not too late - you can still register anytime for the presidential election.

if the average is rising and the line is declining, this indicates a weakness of the market, resulting in the average turning around and declining.

this equation is used to standardize companies reports into how far off they usually are thus giving the market a figure to react by.

since both methods have their flaws, it is obvious that what they predict doesn't mean much to the actual earnings.

since the forecasts are usually off, the factor that is important is how far off the forecasts usually are for a certain company.

price changes have two points of level to them.

the head is formed by the low rising then going back down to that low. the final shoulder is completed by their being another rise and fall off usually in low volume.

ben and jerry's has made a deliberate attempt to increase global market share, as the introduction of flavors like 'rainforest crunch' in the uk gave ben and jerry's substantial publicity in addition to launching a contest to determine what new flavor combination will be introduced and this summer they began distribution in scotland and ireland.

the new line of ice cream contributed to their increase in sales in 1994 and expects it to keep increasing.

they are expecting profit margins to increase due to the new plant although they took a pre-tax write down of $6.8 million for the plant in the 4th quarter of 1994.

the compettitive structure of the food industry is extremely concentrated, staying steady in the past 20 years.

advertising dollars spent are very high.

we all need to eat, so companies are competing against each other for the latest trend in food - currently, low fat, calorie conscious companies are getting the revenue.

this industry is relatively resilient when it comes to vulnerability to external shocks, but can come under fire with the fda, the main regulatory agency that can cost the industry as a whole some money and time to conform to regulations.

the company was incorporated in vermont and has stayed closely related to the community, although have utilized the services of one of their distributors, dreyer's grand ice cream, by having up to 40% of the pint products produced at the subsidiary plant edy's grand ice cream since 1989.

first interstate is a full service bank, with branches throughout it's thirteen state territory, based in los angeles, ca.

critics belittle the djia for not keeping up with the times, thus making it a poor barometer of today's market behavior.

he continued on to the san francisco news, and then in 1959 began working for the los angeles times until 1969.

tenure, however well intended, holier than thou and just plain royalty.

the amount of teachers who would be hired and classes opened might not be affordable.

in a recent survey of california residents, more than 60 percent of california residents are not prepared for earthquakes.

during the 1980s, corporations analyzed the costs of outside sources for management and production and some corporations realized a profit and some did not.

information coming in either weak form, semi-strong form, and strong form reflect price reliability of all information in emh (efficient market hypothesis).

with emh (efficient market hypothesis) emerging in the 70's investing in the emerging market force buyers need not be wary of unexpected inflation, but strong form reflects no constraint with the time of purchase.

therefore rational expectations of securities inform basic values for a buyers strong form adjustment to the stock.

what kind of agendas or services do you feel that the elected representatives should be working on for the students' behalf?

the initial impression begins with the corridor filled with wines from local wineries.

if sports is not your thing, the music is a good source of audio entertainment.

i was also very impressed with the abundance of beverage refills.

this restaurant has a very clean environment.

this neighborhood grill and bar originated out of altanta, georgia and an applebee's is said to be opening in petaluma, which would display ssu paraphrenalia.

the humble town of petaluma is celebrating the poultry and dairy industries with this year's 'butter and egg days parade'.

although the parade starts at noon, you can start your morning by indulging in a french toast breakfast beginning at 8 am.

the festival will take place all day, so enjoy the good food and great entertainment.

hailing from manchester, england, 'bandit queen' has recently released their full length album 'hormone hotel'.

her lyrics plunge the depths of sorrow and the heights of love.

the newest belief is that contrarian strategies pay good over time.

you should beat the market by picking stocks with low p/e ratios.

logic pushes one one way while emotion pushes the other direction.

he is forecasting the biggest bear market since 1932 mirroring the depression.

instead of mouth watering melted cheese with a thick crust and fresh toppings, i was disappointed to discover a smoky, rubbery, burnt pizza that tasted more like kissing a greasy smoker than a fresh pizza.

as denizens of sonoma county, many of us are familiar with the simple-minded, laid back lifestyle of our beloved "local color".

however, for many of us, the animated spirit of these hard nosed, rugged types remains a mystery and the pungent aroma of manure is our only dose of the "honky-tonk" attitude.

in gerald haslam's latest book, the ssu english professor has offered us an impressionable glimpse of working class life.

the characters, all blue collar union workers, are informal members of the localized bar, aptly named the "tejon club".

issues of politics, gun control, killer bee infestation and the touchy subject of the male vasectomy are all pondered.

haslam's collection should be the crux for inaugurating a new type of literature.

upon tripping through the town of cotati i found several coffee spots.

i screwed up my courage to go inside, and found it like many other places i have gone, only smaller.

it has a trashy style that i can respect.

the java is strong and they stay open late than most other coffee houses, they have to, we are all too wired to go to bed.

hot buttered cider is the best in the west, for lack of a more trite platitude.

a biofeedback machine is basically an easy chair in which the person being monitored sits.

european leaf beatles, hydrogeology of the white chief/lake area of the mineral king basin at the sequoia national park and computer software, all have one thing in common with five ssu undergraduate students.

sonoma county will greet the sun on saturday, may 11 as it rises over sonoma's largest community fund-raiser, the human race.

southwest airlines was first founded in 1967 as air southwest company as an intrastate airline, servicing a few cities in texas.

when deciding whether or not to invest in southwest we came to the conclusion that it would be wise to invest in southwest.

the attempt that is to be made is to increase the amount of foreign investment that the company is involved with.

with only minimal percentage increases within a more diversified and stable portfolio were great gains can be made to earnings.

thus indicating that international investment the major weak point in the travelers seen in this case.

in japan the travelers corporation only makes 6.3% of all u.s. money earned while in other countries the moneys earned are far less a percentage of our next highest percentage earned in japan.

with increase of competition within it's own domestic market dozier industries began to decline with no help from the management until 1985.

canada was at one time a colony of the british like that of the united states during its infancy.

today the country of canada governs itself much like that of england but with ideals as that of the united states.

based on the fact that 77% of all canadian residents live within the confines of cities that almost all business is handled within these cities.

toronto is one of the major industrial and commercial center which in turn leads to great financial opportunity.

montreal is the chief seaport of canada who also has a strong industrial sector for whom financing must be available for growths within ones own city.

in winnipeg agriculture is the center of the economy through the farm, grain, and livestock markets for which other cities do not posses.

vancouver is canada's chief pacific port and manufacturing center, which is a short distance from seattle.

halifax is a seaport and commercial center with vast oil refineries.

the economy of canada is much like the united states if you were to compare canada to another countries economy.

foreign trade consists of 48% imports and 52% export giving canada a positive trade deficit.

thus with such a high percentage of the nation's exports wood products the ability to finance a lumber company with close access to a port for shipping is one reason for the number of lumber companies within canada.

through fishing the atlantic fisheries count for three quarters of the nation's annual production of 1.8 billion dollars.

the canadian dollar is appreciating by dropping from 1.3814 u.s dollars on january 26 to 1.3658 u.s. dollars on may 6.

the canadian dollar is gaining in value against the u.s. dollar which is of great significance when considering weather to take on an international project when the canadian dollar is appreciating making it much harder to maintain a suitable amount of profit.

the information can be seen on the vancouver stock exchange in the daily publications of the daily bulletin which, is printed at the end of each trading session in the vancouver stock exchange.

departing from the visitor center, one can embark on a number of guided or non-guided hikes that abound along the park's many trails.

for change of pace and change of face then check out club max but be sure to change your underwear because, this is no place for scums and bums.

that's not all though, to your surprise, monday is definitely not a dead one at club max.

if you love jazz then sunday is your day beginning with a champagne brunch and ending with a live band.

tuesday is for all you stingy students and parsimonious professors with their free taco bar from 5-7 pm including drink specials all night.

club max never has a cover charge but don't let this bring you skepticism because with all it has to offer, it's not one of your average night clubs.

the country uses a floating exchange rate, rather then one that is pegged to the hard currency like canada or hong kong.

during the period i followed the exchange rate the table gives the exchange rate.

although the unemploment rate was still lower than the u.s. the inflation rate and the unemployment rate, coupled, caused the volatility in the exchange rate.

when the exchange is open there are 52 members that are entitled to trade on the exchange. all other access to the market is done through the auto electric security market known as rm.

some problems with the capital markets have been expressed.

the foreign investors have stated that the market is dominated by insider investors. this gives the inside investors an advantage over the other investors.

this is resulting in the market being inefficient.

while there are plans for regulations in the capital market, the government is more concerned at the present time, with getting foreign investment and government policy in place.

the foreign direct investment (fdi) has been very successful in the republic. shortly after the fall of communism the fdi started.

the economic performance has thrust the republic into the press frequently.

while some criticize the capital market, the republic is aware of the problems.

much of the popular art today has an aborigine influence, who had a highly developed sense of art.

in new york state there were 2 men who had some experience in organizing the carrying of parcels.

the comparative total return on the common stock chart present the yearly percentage change in the cumulative total shareholder return on common stock for ten years ended december 31, 1995.

the wells fargo stock prices climbed drastically in 1993.

the main reason for wells fargo's growth is because of the strong economic development within the bank.

in the past the earnings chart for wells fargo bank has been very colorful.

many different factors contribute to shareholder value including net income, return on assets, return on equity, and the analyst community of efficiency ratio, which measures the resources required to generate income.

if you look carefully the percentage increase in earnings per share is higher than the percentage increase in net income.

for your convenience, in addition to our office being open on saturdays the following former northbay savings bank branches are now open on saturday's.

dolores huerta and ellie smeal are expected to make a brief presentation in an attempt to educate students on proposition 209.

huerta and smeal are scheduled to arrive at ssu on thurs. oct. 3, at approximately 7 p.m. in the warren auditorium.

the tour of activists include jesse jackson and patricia ireland as well as huerta and smeal.

the csea believes that some training and affiliation issues fall under scope.