Odd prose from newspapers in Thailand


Compiled by Jamal Munshi, Sonoma State University
All rights reserved

A former female politician and an actress were pregnant because of a high ranking political figure.

The only possible victory will come through a worldwide effort.

His goal is to move the country up the Gross National Happiness index.

It is almost as if putting the country back together weren't enough.

North Korea is not equivalent to Iran.

The United Nations is split within itself.

This serious threat by Pyongyang deserves a strong response.

The outrageous announcement by the Kim Jong-Il dictatorship is unjustified.

The entire world has a stake in any nuclear proliferation issues.

The terrible attitude and serial lying by North Korea has no justification.

But those who persist in calls for more talks and expressions of serious concern must have second thoughts.

A deal which cannot be corroborated has little value.

This is not just true for rogue nations with little credibility in nuclear proliferation.

There are two tasks ahead of the diplomats this week.

The diplomats who failed horrendously to keep the Mideast peace have finally been stirred to action to try to stop the resulting war.

Over last weekend, it was as if the world's foreign ministers had awoken from a refreshing sleep.

The awakened diplomats need to work faster, but especially more effectively.

Its guns control areas of southern Lebanon where the hapless Beirut government cannot govern and has islands of popularity.

Teheran supplies the ideology and weapons which the radical Shi'ite group has showered on Israel.

Israel believes that the fighting will end the Hizbollah attacks , and make it possible to achieve a Palestinian state with a true, if uneasy, peace.

The Sunni kingdom opposes Iranian moves towards hegemony and Teheran's Shi'ite Arab group in the region.

The humanitarian cost of the war is rapidly outweighing even the best possible scenario.

Mideast and particularly Arab leaders have badly let down their own citizens as well as Israelis, Lebanese, and Palestinians.

After creating such a wonderful exhibition, Let more people see it.

And the rule of law is impossible when the government and its police still routinely allow a large number of people to die without trying to identify them.

Just as importantly is the murderous recent past of Cambodia.

She had never met her biological father because he was on constant leave with the military.

Iraqis led an undeniable battle against dictatorships.

The first reason to be optimistic is still an annual message.

Thailand is a rich, fruitful nation, brimming with food to the extent we feed much of the world.

Thailand gained even more respect for compassion. But Thai movies continued to make inroads into world fame.

And just when it seemed that Thai food had penetrated almost everywhere, a new Thai restaurant opened in Baghdad.

The world is changing this year, as for the first time the population of Japan will shrink.

Thailand is one of a tiny few countries on the cutting edge of modern medicine surrounding ageing.

It's a work of art to see the C70 change from a hard top to an open-top cruiser.

Have you ever dreamt of living paradise, but don't have to sacrifice your working life?

I insist that I didn't bribe anyone.

The premier's choice of Gen. Sondhi as the army chief could not have been better.

Our prime minister and the justice minister are formerly police officers.

The formula has been here for a long time but has remained trial and error even with our very own capital of Bangkok.

Before the tsunami and since, these ethnic migrant workers still suffer the same oppression.

For the women, they face greater risks.

Some parents are still at pains to find enough food for the family, let alone private firms who would be willing to help.

But the prime minister's determination needs a well planned strategy.

Small schools are struggling to find teachers, while teachers buckle under the weight of debt.

The classic lyrics became part of the campaign for Western students disappointed with school life for years afterwards.

For the time being, Grammy may have to content itself with the present status.

A Gulf Air jet bears the airline's highly distinctive redesigned livery.

The attempt by GMM Media to buy into Matichon Plc is not abnormal practice, at least on the surface of it.

The aggressive move by the entertainment juggernaut has raised a lot of eyebrows, causing concern about its real motive.

These principles are in danger of being compromised by GMM Media's audacious move, which cannot simply be interpreted as otherwise.

Thais may baulk at the call from Mahathir Mohamad. But they cannot forget that Thai governments have not reacted differently.

The attention it has received from the government has been far and few in between.

It will not go away by not discussing it.

Opponents have voiced concerns about the ethical impact from casinos.

Both controversies have impact on the government.

This is his quote.

A peace pact in Kashmir is a future dream, and perhaps even unattainable.

It is questionable whether they are political leaders or merely hateful throwbacks.

This basic truth was completely lost on a number of self-styled political leaders in Pakistan who lead people who still wish to wipe Israel off the earth.

It is difficult, although important, for tolerant countries to understand the visceral reaction of people when their governments simply talk with leaders of Israel.

Such reactions in a smaller world are misplaced.

Prominent senators insisted it was an ill-conceived means that would never justify the end.

For them, it is the peace they want.

But despite the minister's attempt to defend the idea, the rationale is not acceptable.

In which case the Senate speaker must be held accountable and call it quits.

The party must put substance into the report by showing how much Mr Abhisit qualifies for the job.

The massive moderate majority of Muslims is no myth.

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