Odd prose from Bangladesh


Compiled by Jamal Munshi, Sonoma State University
All rights reserved

Economic Times, Dhaka, Bangladesh, summer 1998

In our society pulsating with dish-antenna and mobile phone cultures, character assassinations, vulgarity, obscenity, arrogance, conspiracy, hypocricy, terrorism are ingrained in our blood and veins much to the annoyance of a small per centage who have lost all confidence in the purity of allah's supreme creation.

when bangladesh, now facing a sort recession in the economy, southeast asian countries basically suffered from over activities.

in bangladesh the culture is not to repay bank money and this has been strengthened further as corruption, manipulation, and bad business decisions are running together.

term lending is almost closed, only disbursements from the banks are working capitals.

The Independent, Dhaka, Bangladesh, summer 1997

A fake journalist was handed over to Kotwali police for marrying another housewife on temptation.

A group of armed lathials backed by some local influential leaders swooped on the farmers and ransacked their dwelling houses and evicted them who are now living under the open sky.

He had been instructed to seek guidance in English from me because of a fake reputation I had built up in my school, St. Gregory's High and Enayet was slightly my junior, studying at Collegiate School.

I remember at our first meeting that Enayet had the limpid clear of untroubled innocence truly befitting "Lotus Eyes".

A fake candidate for first year honours was caught red handed by the invigilator from the examination hall in Rajshahi Varsity on the occasion of admission test of Islamic History and Culture on August 17.

Examination hall in-charge Prof Kader Bhuiya on suspicion challenged Kitish who confessed his guilt and he was allowed to continue the examination.

The reason why market barometer increased moderately is that both traders and investors as well showed a bit interest in their purchasing on the low priced share.

The rise in the share price was not caused of pouring of any new fund in the market, rather the investors and the traders took the scope of buying low priced share which declined considerably during the last five trading days in a row.

An organized group is active in trafficking the poor women with the tempted offer of job and marriage.

The child lifters are in camouflage with well dress often using microbus in their lifting.

Only recently a group of miscreants are engaged in trafficking labourers into the neighbouring state.

Waters from over 800 mm rainfall recorded during the last two weeks have washed away the brick-solings of most of the roads exposing those to cracks and potholes.

District administration took control of supply of gas cylinders introducing slip system.

Both the processionists and the police chased each other for about half an hour.

Bangladesh is glaring example of communal harmony.

Khokon of the same village took Sarifa behind a shop when she was searching ducks in the evening and raped her.

Even they are granted bail and get them released in exchange of good amount of money.

Rural women are not conscious of their health.

Women never kept themselves aloof from any historical cataclysm and turmoil in this subcontinent in the past.

Farmers of six thanas are facing acute crisis of TSP fertilizer. On the other hand smuggled Indian TSP has flooded the market.

Women from the poverty stricken family are the worst victims of trafficking.

The Bangladesh Observer, summer 1996

The armed youths in cooperation with Presiding Officers stuffed ballot boxes forcing Jamaat polling agents out of the booths.

Police arrested a burmese citizens along with firearms and some ammunition from Cox's Bazaar bus stand early today.

Around 100 video shops are running in 12 markets of the district without license.

Organised gangs of gamblers cheat the passengers especially the labour class thrown three cards.

Contrary to the February 15 elections boycotted by major political parties and forces which failed to get any recognition within and outside the country, this time highest number international polls observers rushed here to monitor the elections on Wednesday.

Rajshahi city was in grip of election fever today with micking processions, slogans, and different other campaign and varying places.

Secretary General of Bangladesh Muslim League Alhaj Jamir Ali alleged that foreign-aided NGOs were involved in the anti-islamic activities in the name of secularism and said that their activities were jeopardising the beliefs of Muslims.

It is notified for kind information of honourable shareholders of Islami Bank that as directed by Securities and Exchange Commission we have submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission further statements of financial facts.

We have also endorsed copies of the above financial statements to the Dhaka Stock Exchange keeping the copies thereof in share department of the company for the inspection of our honourable shareholders.

The person should be diploma in mechanical engineering having at least 15 years practical experience in industrial plants and is capable of doing independently mechanical maintenance and repair works of machineries used for the production purpose. Proficiency in English is must.

The nation has to take oath to get rid of the tragedy of history.

On the other hand, out of seven thanas card phones have been installed in six thanas.

The country is threatened with influx of foreign goods covertly and overtly landing the local industries in deep trouble.

The poor enforcement of customs rules as well as lack of vigilance of customers, leakages at customs points have enabled a group of unscrupulous traders to import a huge amount of goods and dump those according to their will and convenience.

A group of traders are active in dumping the goods at competitive prices. This has thrown the local textile mills out of competition.

Poor enforcement of anti dumping rules has kept development of textile sector far away.

Kala Mia, 45, was hit with an iron bar over the purchase of a rickshaw.

Sub-registrars, in collaboration with deed writers, fix up the valuation less than the actual value of the landed property to be transferred through registration deeds. Half the registration fees of the amount deducted are being grabbed by the staff and deed writers.

Old and sick cattle and sick goats are being slaughtered in the town without certificate from the sanitary inspectors.

Germs of various intestinal diseases, tuberculosis, and hookworm are being transmitted into human body from the meat of diseased cattle.

The drivers of vehicles hardly follow the traffic rules as most of them drive the vehicles without valid licenses.

The drivers stop their vehicles here and there to take passengers without considering the capacity of the vehicles.

This road is in bad shape and cracks and potholes have developed in many points due to lack of maintenance.

The accident occurred when a bus plunged into roadside ditch after dashing against an electric post.

The local people rushed to the spot for rescuing of moaning passengers.

Of the 24 injured persons, 12 with seriously injuries were admitted to hospital.

Essential commodities like cakes, mineral water, confectionaries are being marketed in greater Kushtia without testing from the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institute. There is none to examine it even in the metropolis, the outlying districts go with pitiable situation.

A bread and loaf become unfit for consumption after 24 hours but the manufacturers never print date and time on the packets of products for their own interests.

The manufacturers have ignored approval of BSTI for the goods produced before marketing.

The BSTI gives its certificate marking CM after testing suitability of the goods, but the institute disapproves products below the standard.

The essential commodities like bread, biscuit, loaf, powdered milk, jam, jelly, sauce, edible and coconut oil, electric goods, match, cement, cold drinks, prickles, sugar, sweetmeats including 1500 items are included BSTI certificates.

Mujibur Rahman was killed in Narayanganj town while Manik Mia in Moulvibazar and Badrul Mia at Cox's Bazaar.

Some supporters of rival political parties got locked into altercation over announcement of election results at Munir Hossain Lane.

Both the groups chased each other and exchanged gun shots.

The feuding groups however went into hiding sensing presence of the police personnel.

Two groups of youths clashed with different lethal weapons. They chased each other and beat the supporters of opponent political parties.

A dacoit was beaten to death and two others were handed over to police when villagers got hold of them while attempting to commit dacoity.

At least three or four dacoits who were in the group in committing the crime, however, managed to flee away.

Two people allegedly committed suicide by taking poison in their respective houses.

Khairul of Parbi village beaten his wife Rabeya Khatun, 30, to death as her father failed to pay the dowry money amounting to Tk. 20,000.

Jhenidah bound minibus fell into road-side ditch after hitting a rickshaw coming from opposite direction while it was giving side.

No new election officials were appointed and no fresh ballot papers were sent to the constituency till writing this report tonight.

I have made written complaints to the divisional engineer twice. I hope the relevant authorities will kindly do the needful to save me from my anxiety.

We are deeply distressed to learn of Mr. Sufi's problems with his telephone 816137 ventilated through these columns.

Those who took heart at the event and were eager to follow the developments soon found out to their utter dismay that the initiative was running around out of steam.

Arthur Gilbert's collection is made up of hundreds of peace of gold and silverware.

The maiden flight of the new generation of Ariane 5 rocket blew up.

A group of armed youths suddenly attacked him soon after getting down from an auto rickshaw at Simpson Road.

More than 300 cattleheads were affected in the district.

Without bribe the personnel of the Livestock Department did not extend medical facilities.

Dr. Salman said that the rays coming from the welding shops may cause blindness to the people.

The experienced quarter expected that the concern authorities would come forward to solve the problem quickly.

The mishap occurred at about 4 pm as the bus driver lost control over the steering due to its break failure.

The accident occurred when a passengers bus and a baby taxi collided head-on and baby taxi got smashed at the impact of collision.

There is only a tuberculosis clinic set up in 1964 which is quite insufficient for the patients of 12 thanas.

About 80 patients from far flung areas rush to the clinic every day but return home being deprived of proper treatment due to shortage of beds.

They are even to wait hours together outside for want of waiting room.

Besides, the only x-ray machine often goes out of order and remained inoperative for want of film.

The fodder scarcity has been persisting in the district following the recent drought had incessant rains.

The roads of Rajbari town are very narrow and the number of footpath is very few.

Moreover, indiscriminate parking in the busy areas contributes traffic jam.

The law and order situation of the district deteriorated with the rising trend of crimes like murder, dacoity, riot, and other crimes.

Under no circumstances applications reaching after 15/7/96 will be entertained.

For coming to appear at interview applicants will not be given travel allowance.

Polling in at least 55 centre in 17 districts were postponed following violence and other irregularities.

Widespread violence were reported from the districts and polling across the country was held almost peacefully.

Two persons were shot dead by the armed persons when polling were in progress,

Some armed persons suddenly appeared in front of Kharandip Primary School centre opened indiscriminate gun fire on the people who crowded the place.

The police finally thwarted their bid of snatching ballot boxes.

The police opened eight rounds of gun fires to foil a bid of hijack of ballot boxes.

At Rauzan thana the polling of five centers were suspended following the outbreak of clashes.

The polling in two centres were suspended following violence clashes.

Voting in 5 centres were postponed amidst ballot stuffing and ballot box hijacking in massive poll violence.

Voting in three centres were postponed when supporters of Awami League and BNP locked in clashes.

Six people were arrested in charge of false votings.

One Gautam and another unidentified woman were taken into custody from Kakonhat centre.

Police fired seven rounds of shots leaving Titu, 16, wounded with bullet.

Detail identity of the hospitalized persons, however, could not be known.

The clash ensued when some youths tried to march in a procession infront of the rivals and threw filthy comments to them. Later they fled the scene on police chase.

If the candidate wishes to study in Russia the Russian Cultural Centre will take responsibilities to help to get admitted to any educational institution under the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Education elgibility no restriction.

The Russian Language course will be acknowledged by a recognised certificate.

In 1992 the spark plug manufacturing plant was transformed into a joint stock company. It owns all the shares and the production assets.

Souvenir pottery produced at the plant had been presented to American President Clinton.

In the meantime some alleged musclemen attacked some Bus Owners Association leaders at Saidabad as the coach owners denied to give toll.

Muhabbat Hossain, 35, was allegedly beaten over a debate regarding poll rigging by some youths. The youths stabbed him in the thigh and tried to fled the spot.

The two warring groups then brick batted and used lethal weapons during the clash.

Bangladesh Nationalist Party demanded re-election in 11 constituencies for massive rigging.

Mosquito menace in the municipal area has assumed an alarmingly proportion.

Derelict ponds filled with water and heaps of garbages beside the roads are breeding centres of mosquito.

The poor people who cannot buy mosquito nets and students are the worst sufferers.

Even in daytime it is hard to work in workplaces due to mosquito bite.

Shah Alam of village MathaBhanga picked up a quarrel with his wife and some other relatives of his wife over eating a jackfruit. As a result he killed his 28 days old baby.

The learned judge after examining the witnesses and evidences found Shah Alam guilty and awarded him to suffer the aforementioned punishment.

People of Bonani foiled an attempt of kidnapping a college girl student and held three of the kidnappers with a microcar who were later handed over to police.

Ramesh Chandra who had been the house tutor of Nioti Rani with his two other accomplices Bisudev Sarkar and Abu Bakar in the microbus were handed over to police.

Acting on a tip-off police rushed to a patrol pump and arrested the dacoits with three pipe guns.

The people suffer a lot due to the inadequate number of street light drainage and sanitary systems besides the frequent load shedding by the PDB. (note: the PDB is the electrical utility)

As there is no adequate number of street light the area plunges into darkness just after dusk.

The gang hurled bomb at him injuring him seriously.

Bogra police arrested 21 persons for possessing illegal arms and ammunition from different parts of the district.

Two local leaders of Awami Jubo Leage were arrested from the town on charge of separate cases.

The burglars at about 2:30am entered the bed room of Mahafuz Siddiqi breaking open the bricks of side wall of the room and decamped with three wrist watch.

The telephone subscribers of Jessore have been suffering due to the malpractice by the telephone staff.

The subscribers in case of emergency are not given connections but the dishonest subscribers get it easily. Those who pay extra money to the operators they will get connections as easily as possible.

Some dishonest subscribers are earning a lot and traders specially fax and overseas telephone owners are engaged in this malpractice.

For internal illegal calls the dishonest subscribers have to pay Taka 15 for each call and charge Taka 400 for each overseas call.

The guardians are worried over teasing the college and school going girl students in the town for a long time.

Some young boys are roaming about on the roads on the way of girl students and they tease the students here and there.

We are new but experience. Are you want to make a heaven? Then we are ready to do this. We are doing the fittings of Marble, Granite, and any Interior Decoration. (advertisement)

The candidate should have at least one year's experience and good command over spoken English. Persons having no previous experience need not to apply. In general it is preferable that the concerned staff be able or willing to ride a motorcycle. (advertisement)

On hearing the hue and cry neighbours rushed to the house of Elias of village Bahala and found Maleka and Harabala, two wives of Elias, dead at 1:30 am.

The tribal people of Gopalganj cultivate betel leaf in absence of rules and regulations of the government depriving the government of huge amount of money as taxes.

The Mantris supervise the betel leaf farms by investing capital.

The land lords are exploiting the public by making fortune for the last few decades.

Public subscription for 3 IPOs in May have not yet been informed. (a notice from the Dhaka Stock Exchange).

A group of observers from FEMA polls monitoring team in disguise of Chatra Dal workers using motorcycles resorted to massive terrorisms.

They demanded re-election in said centres so that people could reflect their verdict to elect their representatives.

Alfu Mia and Syed Ali kidnapped Rezia Khatun forcibly and took her into the house of Alfu Mia and raped her against her will one after another. All accused persons then pressed Rezia Khatun to marry Alfu Mia as the girl did not agree with the proposal.

Magistrate Bhola Nath Dutta held mobile courts on 139 days.

Amal Ratan Chakma who joined the Shanti Bahini in 1989 came back from Mizuram while Direndra Lal Chakma who joined the insurgency in 1990 also came back from Tripura.

Villagers of Rudra Ganti challenged Mubarak Hossain and others who were residing at his house are of questionable behaviour. They surrendered to the villagers along with a pipe gun. The villagers handed over them to Ullapara police.

The accident occurred when the passenger buses coming from opposite direction collided head on.

Cattle lifters in some areas peel skins of the stolen cows.

A large number of timber and other fruit bearing trees were uprooted. Considerable damage also caused to telephone and electric line in cyclone-affected areas.

The electric supply remain suspended for about 16 hours but the telephone and electric lines yet to be repaired properly.

Many families took shelter in their relatives houses and other safe places and passing inhuman life.

The deceased were boarding a passenger bus.

Another passenger bus that was coming knocked down him from behind and ran over him.

The water borne diseases are common to the people.

Gastrointestinal diseases have affected most of the patients due to drinking of iron and fangus mixed water.

Extreme temperature and cold change of season and natural calamities like drought and flood are also the causes of various diseases.

The government has increased the allocation in the education and religious sector by 60.19 percent by earmarking the highest amounting to Taka 1768 crore for the fiscal 1996-97.

The power supply went off at 10am on Tuesday in the city and many areas went without power till 11:30pm on Tuesday. However, it is gathered that power supply was interrupted partly due to faults in some overhead lines and partly due to a loadshedding imposed in the city from the dispatch of the PDB.

Vast tract of land was inundated due to incessant rain for last two days and onrush of water from beyond the border.

Three people were missing in the river when they tried to collect a log rolling down the border with the flow of water.

At least 25 houses were washed away by the onrush of water that inundated a vast tract to agricultural land particularly seed-bed of among paddy.

Khulna city unit of BNP held a rally protesting against what is described as terrorism and harassment of political rivals against BNP workers. After the rally a procession took out in the city.

Bank loan defaulters will be disqualified from being elected.

The committee will submit its report by seven days.

Written tests for students seeking admission into M.Com course for the session 1994-95 in the Department of Finance will be held on July 4 1996.

A group of people beaten him to death after his suspicious movement in the village at night.

Though the disease apparently looks simple but it weakens the patients and develops distaste.

The tubewells sunk in all primary school premises remained out of order for a long time. Students are compelled to drink water of river. As a result schoolchildren are suffering from waterborne and skin diseases.

The unplanned use of chemical fertelizers and insecticides in crop fields has affected the growth of fish creating scarcity due to fall in production.

The girl went to river for taking bath but she did not come back. The cause of killing was not known but it is suspected that she was raped by the miscreants before her death.

Dhaka University authorities postponed a much-talked special requisition meeting.

Due to apparitions of two full moons in one month the total number of full moons to be seen this year will be 13.

The meeting was however decided to be held after opinion of the Attorney General as to whether the Senate is capable of forming such a committee.

It was our moral demand for forming a committee to investigate the alleged corruption as public fund is involved with the matter.

Ansars opened six round of fires and beat the villagers mercilessly including the children and women entering the houses of Gazipur village.

The angry villagers chased the Ansars with sticks, arrow, and bows while Ansars opened six rounds of fire to disperse the mob.

They have identified one Assistant Platoon Commander Anis who opened 3 round of fire at his own will. The firearm of Anis had been siezed and he had been closed. The other six Ansar personnel were also closed.

President government is an elected government, it won't bow to any particularly quarter on the question of people's interest.

The Prime Minister said that her government would actively think over taking decision over their demand for giving the ward commissioners with the status of Second Class Magistrate.

A Mirpur bound speeding bus rammed into him from the rear at the time of crossing the road at about 6am. He was later taken to DMC Hospital in s critical condition where the doctors declared him dead.

Rajshahi University Teachers Association condemned the non-cooperative attitude of the Vice Chancellor with some teachers at his office.

The Food for Education program will fail due to shortage of teachers, furniture, and other appliances.

Some teachers attend their schools once in a 9 week just to put their signatures in the attendance registers.

The ship too severely damaged in the accident.